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Feb 1, 2011 05:09 PM

I Don't Like Cheese - Am I Alone?

If I tell people that i don't like cheese they look at me like i am crazy. I can handle mozzarella on pizza or minimal amounts on a hero but that is it. I do not like any other cheese. In fact i dislike every other cheese. Any cheese with actual flavor, i do not like. I just don't understand the stinky cheese at all.

I like almost all other kinds of foods and I feel that I do have somewhat of a decent palate so it is not like i just don't try and enjoy new types of foods. I am very open minded when it comes to eating.

am I the only one out there who feels this way? It seems that everybody loves cheese...

PS. I don't like cilantro either but that is a different topic.

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  1. You are not alone. The only way I can eat cheese is if it's cooked - weird I know. I desperately wish I liked cheese, I always feel like a picky toddler when I have to confess I don't like it. I am very open to trying new foods, I will happily eat foods considered unusual or 'gross' by others (offal, escargot, jellyfish, etc.), but I never feel less sophistocated than the moment I have to confess I don't like cheese.


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      Wow! There's two of you! I'm surprised.

      I wish I didn't like cheese. Count your blessings.

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        There are at least three of us. I can eat mozzarella on pizza or other pasta dishes. The sharper or more aged the cheese the worse it tastes to me. I can tolerate small amounts of melted cheddar cheese in a dish but absolutely can't stand unmelted cheese. The worse thing in the world to me is Parmesan cheese. I love milk but, I can't stand cottage cheese, sour cream or yogurt. It all taste sour to me. My whole family loves cheese, even my children.

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          Here's how I look at it.

          Taste preference is learned, but we seem to think it's absolute. It's not.

          If you were trapped alone on a desert island with nothing but 50 tons of stinky cheese to eat, you would (eventually) eat it.

          Consider yourself lucky to be in a position where you can choose to not eat certain things.

          Mr Taster

        2. I don't like cheese either.

          I'd much rather have a root canal without Novocain than be presented with a cheese platter for dessert.

          Only times I like cheese are on pizzas (and only certain select types and combos), and on chili cheese fries.

          Other than that? Niet.

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            I'll bet you love 臭豆腐, though.

            Same same but different kind of rot.

            Mr Taster

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            2. I too hate cilantro. (Different topic.)

              But remove cheese from my diet? I'd rather not eat.

              1. If you enjoy pizza you enjoy cheese. It's too fundamental to the dish not to. You just don't enjoy cheese served alone I guess which is fine.

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                  I like cheese with pizza (sometimes, as mentioned above), but not on pasta, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc.

                  And there are many pizzas I enjoy, no, love, that have no cheese on them. Roasted garlic, tomatoes, and arugala to name just one.

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                    I disagree. I personally LOVE cheese, but am not a fan of COOKED cheese (though when cooked cheese is on pizza, it's pretty good). There are plenty of foods that have melted cheese that I really don't like, though I do love cheese on a cheese plate.

                    Cheese is fundamentally different after it melts.

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                      So you'd like Parmigiano-Reggiano on a cheese plate but grated over pasta or risotto would be a bad idea for you?

                      1. re: Chinon00

                        Exactly! I never put cheese on my own plate of risotto or pasta (but I do add Parmigiano to risotto I'm serving to other people). And I love hunks of Parmigiano but itself!

                        I can completely understand liking melted cheese but not raw cheese since I feel the opposite.

                  2. I don't like cheese. Won't eat it..... any way any shape any form. Not on pizza, not with wine. You would think i was insane.
                    When I mention I want a HAMBURGER NOT A CHEESE BURGER, it takes a act of God to have this simple request happen on a regular basis.
                    I cannot understand why, if I leave a glass of milk on the table over night, its BAD and should be thrown away..... But if I leave it there for another six months, its cheese and good again.
                    Makes my head hurt.

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                    1. re: tanker64

                      Its in a controlled environment, encouraging good bacterial growth and minimizing bad bacterial growth, completely.

                      1. re: mcnam003

                        i like milk, ice cream, most dairy products.. even like cream cheese on some things..like cake icing..etc.. just hate the taste, texture.. love to cook with it for others.. but will not eat it..nope

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                        thank God there's another me out there. i won't eat cheese no way in any way never have and at my age never will.. i have thrown a bag of burgers back thu a drive thu windows because they had cheese on em ( @ a wendy's ) people say your unamerican cause u don't like cheese i get so mad... just don't like it...

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                            Oh wow I get you on this point. While I lurve cheese in many forms, I don't want it on my burger. I can't count the number of times I've gone through a drive thru, then immediately had to park, go in, wait in line, and ask for my order to be corrected with NO cheese. Meanwhile the fries are cold and the drink is all melty.

                            To each their own. I'm picky myself so I'm certainly not going to criticize anyone else's preferences.

                            Edit: Twinkey - Ha! It ALWAYS happens at Wendy's. I've told them at the speaker, reminded them at the pay window, and then bam. Cheese.

                            1. re: NonnieMuss

                              you cant, i dont know, take the cheese off? at least in my experience at wendys, there cheese is never melted onto the burger.

                              1. re: charles_sills

                                It's usually melted enough that it doesn't just lift off on one slice. Also on drive-thru orders, by the time I get home it will have melted, and I don't want to pull over and deal with a floppy piece of cheese in my car. Plus, many places charge a little more for a cheeseburger than a hamburger. It may only be $.20, but I shouldn't have to pay it when I didn't order it/don't want it.

                                1. re: charles_sills

                                  To me (and my wife), cheese on a great burger is like "white on rice." Going back many decades, we celebrated, when one of the best burger joints in the world, added cheddar (not sure if it was Cheddar, or cheddar?), to their wonderful burgers.

                                  On occasion, I will do Bleu on a burger, but more often Cheddar/cheddar, and far, far less often Swiss, as I feel that it goes better with other sandwiches and meats, like Smoked Turkey, or even Roast Beef. Just my palate telling me which flavor profiles I like best.

                                  Now, I also do not melt any cheese on the burger, though the heat of the patty will melt it a bit. I add the cheese, just before I dive in. I also have never warmed to cheese cooked IN a burger - even Bleu. I want the cheese added, after the cooking process, but that is just me.


                                2. re: NonnieMuss

                                  I've learned at fast food places to always mention any other modifications first.

                                  i'd like a quarter pounder, no pickles, no cheese. or whatever. ask for extra ketchup, something, anything.

                                  making the cheese the second mod seems to reduce the mistakes by about 70 percent. when you order a double cheeseburger no cheese, they just don't seem to notice.

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                                    Though it has been at least 30 years, since I ordered a "Quarter-Pounder" (anywhere), but if the "cheese" is "American imitation cheese-food product," then I would not want that either. I sort of lean strongly to "real" cheese, and spend an inordinate amount of $ to ship in those products.

                                    I also love a well-maintained "cheese trolley," with a knowledgeable fromagier at the helm, who knows each offering. While all might not be to my taste, I still love to explore - even if some items get left on my plate. How is one to know, unless they try everything, at least once.

                                    Also, I feel strongly that some cheeses go with some dishes, and with some wines. There are NO universals, at least not for me.


                                    PS - I try to save some of my white wines, as I feel that they go better with more cheeses, than do reds, and I normally do a cheese course, either before a dessert, or in lieu of one.