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Feb 1, 2011 04:45 PM

Jamaican Cow Cod Soup?

We're on a mission to find cow cod soup -- a Jamaican soup made with cow penis. we've already called Daphne's, Steve & Son's, Paradise Foods, among other Caribbean places and no dice. Any suggestions for other restaurants that might serve it (or a Jamaican cook who'd be willing to whip us up a batch)?

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  1. You're more likely to find cow cod soup at a smaller storefront, the sort with a few rattly tables and chairs where locals may perch but not necessarily eat, rather than at a restaurant. As with goat-heavy "manish water," cow cod soup's reported properties almost always relegate it to the Friday-Saturday specials.

    Telephone inquiries may not get you far. Better to walk Nostrand Ave., in Flatbush, or White Plains Rd., in the Bronx, and keep your eyes peeled for hand-lettered specials menus. (I've seen taped-up signs for cow cod soup in both neighborhoods, but none of my photos -- -- are annotated as such.) It can't hurt to poke in your head and ask at a music shop, either.

    1. Not Jamaican, but if anyone is looking for a beef penis soup, Hunan House has it right now as a New Year's special. It's on the last page of the menu, in Chinese only. They also have another aphrodisiac dish, called something like 'What the emperor eats before going to bed."

      1. While reviewing my older blog posts before a day of scouting, I saw that the Jamaican restaurant Blue Mountain Cuisine (3701 Eastchester Rd., Williamsbridge, Bronx; 718-654-8862) had cow cod soup on the menu. It wasn't available on the day I visited -- neither was the fish tea, or the conch soup with shrimp, red snapper, and doctor fish -- but they had it on the menu.

        Blue Mountain Cuisine
        3701 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY 10466

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          Thanks, Dave! I haven't tried that place yet! I'll give them a buzz and see which days (if any) they serve it and will report back.

        2. The original comment has been removed