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Feb 1, 2011 02:47 PM

amounts for 80 people?

Hi doing up a wedding buffet dinner and am wondering if anyone out there knows the guidelines for amounts of meat i should be serving people in OZ, grams etc?
If i have two or three side dishes how much meat should i be allotting per person ? I'll be serving sides of salmon, grilled portobello mushrooms for the vegetarians and another meat such as lamb or chicken.

Ideas? formulas? suggestions from the ChowHounders out there.

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  1. Are you a friend doing it to help? Or a person hired?

    I hope you are a friend.

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    1. re: Quine

      I am the bride to be and will be enlisting hte help of many a friend and relative . My Mom will be at the helm.

      1. re: ruthie1980

        The following two replies are spot on. Since it is your wedding, you will know your guests far to better and know if they are big eater, light or medium. Consider using roasts that hold well, i.e a beautiful baked ham or steamship beef.

    2. Four to six ounces of the protein dish per person. Since some people may have larger appetites, you might consider four or five side dish choices. If you make extra-generous amounts of potatoes, couscous, rice, or whatever, there will be enough food to satisfy the big eaters. Leftover vegetables can always be included in soups or salads so they don't go to waste.

      1. There are some very cool sites for estimating food quantities for a lot of people. Just Google "cooking for 100 people" and you'll find a lot of useful stuff.