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Feb 1, 2011 02:38 PM

Wellington side dishes?

Hi, I have a dinner planned for next week with a Beef Wellington as the main (and I get to mimic a Good Eats episode and cut up a full tenderloin, I'm excited). I'm drawing a blank as for side dish(es) for it though. I suppose some roasted vegetables would work, but I'm not sure if I want to go that way. I'm wide open to suggestions though.

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  1. Beef Wellington is a complex flavorful dish, so your sides should be fairly simple but of excellent quality, roasted new potatoes or wild rice pilaf, glazed baby carrots or roasted squash, steamed or roasted asparagus or more seasonally, roasted Brussels Sprouts. A beautiful green salad with a lighter dressing should start the meal.

    If you were thinking of something pureed or mashed, a potato-celery root puree would be nice.

    Here's an old thread with other thoughts:

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      Ah, thank you for that thread. I may go for some roasted potatoes (like you said), and some green beans with butter and lemon (as was mentioned in that thread).


      1. re: SilentBobBC

        Absolutely on green beans, I was going to mention them, especially if you can get small and tender. I don't know where you are located but asparagus this time of year has made the big commute from South America or possibly Mexico now, and may not be at it's best. Oh, BC, of course.

        The beef is really the star of the show, anyway.

        Are you doing a sauce for the beef?

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          I had thought of a pan-sauce from the pan ill do the searing in. Almost like a steak au poivre type sauce.

          1. re: SilentBobBC

            That would be nice, a red wine pan sauce, maybe enhanced with either green or black peppercorns.

            Whatever sides or sauce you choose, I'm sure your dinner guests will enjoy the Wellington tremendously.

            Let us know how it comes out. Bon appetit!