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Feb 1, 2011 01:51 PM

X2O Brunch for Bridal Shower

I am considering booking my daughter's bridal shower at X2O for their Sunday brunch. I am not even sure if they will do that? We will be about 45 people.

Has anyone been to or have seen a shower there?

Menu states unlimited champagne, would that include mimosas or would they charge for the juice. I am also a little confused about the brunch menu. Says in addition to a few passed dishes it includes 2 savory and 1 dessert. Would that mean pick 1 app and 1 entree from the list that is posted?

Thanks for any info you can give. I have been several times for dinner and it's my favorite restaurant.

71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

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  1. I love the brunch at X20. Yes, you choose 1 app, 1 entree, and 1 dessert from the menu, and various other dishes, such as sushi, ravioli, shrimp, etc. are passed throughout the meal. Mimosas or straight champagne are unlimited. I do not know if they will do this brunch for such a large party, though. I would call them and ask...

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      I just booked the shower with X2O. You have to guarantee 30 people and you get the upstairs to yourselves. They provide flowers on the tables and set up a gift table etc.

      Same brunch price but you lose the passed dishes. I am going to see them next month and will ask about that in person. I don't know why they can't provide an assortment of the passed apps on each table as guests come in since we are paying the same price as the people downstairs and I am having 45 people.

      I am really excited! Oh and they will do a cake at no extra chage in place of the plated desserts. I like the plated desserts better and my daughter doesn't even like cake

      71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

        1. re: Marge

          I really think it is a great deal. I priced catering at my home and it's not worth the aggrivation. X2O in the summer must be beautiful. We usually wind up going in the winter.

          71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

        2. re: doberlady

          If you did go the cake route, their red velvet with mascarpone frosting is amazing. We had them make up a whole cake for us last time we were there for a special occasion and it was delicious and beautiful. X2O is a perfect place for a special occasion. Enjoy!!

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            thanks for the suggestion. Red Velvet is my daughters favorite!

          2. re: doberlady

            I would definitely pursue the passed dishes. I think those are what makes the brunch what it is.

            Amusing story, last time we were there, we sat next to a table of senior citizens. From what I could overhear, they had never been there before but must have read about the brunch. They wanted to know where their passed food was, and then they wanted more (in fairness I will admit that I asked them to bring out extras for us as well, but they know us there). They also wanted to know where that Kelly guy was and whether he was coming out.

            BTW, as for mimosas, the servers pour the champagne with one hand, and have a small container of OJ in the other if you want a mimosa.

            1. re: MisterBill2

              We went there last year for my bday. First visit and probably last. We had the 2 oclock seating and I had to ask to get our passed dishes which was annoying. I also felt like I could not ask for anothe rpiece of bread and would rather have a basket left on the table than have one piece each doled out. Then the waiter chastised me and said we were only supposed to get one kind of passed dish with each course. If that was the case he should have explained it right away how it worked. We did not want the baby lamb chops so I asked for seconds of the sushi because that is what my son liked. Meanwhile the table next to us was being delivered seconds of everything (totally contradicting what the waiter said). maybe they "knew" them but they won't get a chance to "know" me. I had read so much about it on this board and was looking forward to an amazing experience which it was not.

        3. Hi there,

          I realize your event date must be long passed by now, but I'm curious how your daughter's bridal shower went? My fiance and I are considering their Sunday Champagne Brunch for about 35 guests in their private Hudson Room as a small wedding reception :) Did they end up giving you the passed dishes for the same price pp or did you have to pay extra? If extra, do you feel it was worth it? Any additional insight would be very much appreciated!


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          1. re: lpwetjc8

            although it's potentially helpful to know the deals other people managed, you SHOULD still speak with them and see what kind of deal you can negotiate for your self.

            These days especially, I suspect they are eager to have your business. (even a busy restaurant such as X2O)

            1. re: lpwetjc8

              I think they charge an extra $10pp for the passed items for a private party, but you might be able to negotiate something better (can't hurt to try, as weedy said).

              We're having a graduation party for my kids there June (undergrad for one, law school for the other), and we're doing it for brunch in the private room.

              1. re: lpwetjc8

                Hi Aimee. Did you end up doing a wedding reception at X20? I am looking at doing the same thing for about 50 people and was wondering how it went for you.

                Thanks, Samantha

              2. The Shower was amazing. I am sure I posted a review and I will try and find it. Shower was the Hurricane day (Irene?) so X2O was wonderful and opened for our shower brunch on the day before which was a Saturday. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

                We did not order anything extra except for a Crudite platter that was beautiful!

                We did not have the extra passed that you get downstairs but you could get anything you wanted if you wanted to pay. If you take even 1 sip of your mimosa it was filled the second you put your glass down.

                1. From August 2011

                  doberlady Aug 29, 2011 12:03 PM
                  Kuddos to X2O...................

                  My daughter's Bridal Shower was scheduled for yesterday (Sunday). I was ignoring the weather hoping it would go away. By Thursday morning I was frantic. I called James the GM of X2O and he told me that I had 2 options. I could keep it for sunday and they would charge me for who showed up or I would have to cancel as they were now booked until December for the private room for Sunday brunch. I was crushed as there was no way I was having it on Sunday.

                  He then mentioned that there was a possibilty they would hold it on Saturday (the day before) and he needed to ok that with the Chef and the powers that be.

                  He called me an hour later and said YES they would do the same Sunday brunch on Saturday. I was so happy. We quickly called everyone invited. We had 50 invited and 36 were able to come.

                  I can't praise the staff enough. The shower was incredible. The level of service was amazing and I mean amazing. The room looked so beautiful. The food was just delicious. They catered to our every need. Not one glass of whatever people were drinking ever went empty. We were not rushed out and we were there from 11:30-4pm and the champagne flowed the whole time. They also packed up all the gifts and brought them all to my daughter's car.

                  Seriously, it's the best deal in town for a private party. It was just wonderful.