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Feb 1, 2011 01:30 PM

Is Hondarribia worth a visit

I am surprising my husband with a trip to San Sebastian for a birthday. We went over a year ago and fell in love instantly. This second trip is only three nights and therefore we need to maximize each meal.
I thought it could be interesting to spend the first night in Hondarribia after reading this article in the nytimes http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/08/01/....

Has anyone been? Is it worth it? The plan as it stands now is...

Day 1 - Lunch at Alameda, Pintxos for dinner (both in Hondarribia
)Day 2 - Lunch at Exeberri Dinner Pintxos in San Sebastian (have a full list of stop offs)
Day 3 - lunch at Bodegon Alejandro dinner at Cider House (we did this off season and loved it)

Thoughts on the itinerary and Hondarribia in general?

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  1. The NYT article not found.
    Hondarribia (FuenterrabĂ­a in Spanish) is a beautiful village just on the border. IMO is worth.
    For pintxos in San Sebastian this link is the Bible:

    Yes, we are on cider season until late April/early May. The mecca for the 'sagardotegiak' or cider houses is Astigarraga.

    More info:

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    1. I will be going to Bar Gran Sol in Hondaribbia. They've won a whole bunch of awards for their pintxos and also operate Sugarri in the Rio Bidasoa Hotel. More of a tasting menu there, I've read.


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        Hondaribbia is a lovely spot. Have a drink on the patio of the Parador an old castle where the view is very pretty. Bar Gran Sol is very good.

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          Eskerrik asko, Bazook! Have you been to Sugarri?

      2. Can't speak to your restaurant choices, but the parador in Hondarribia is a lovely place to stay, and an easy drive to San Sebastian. Our one dinner in the village [after discovering Martin Beraseguia [sp.] closed] wasn't memorable.