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Feb 1, 2011 01:30 PM

Is Hondarribia worth a visit

I am surprising my husband with a trip to San Sebastian for a birthday. We went over a year ago and fell in love instantly. This second trip is only three nights and therefore we need to maximize each meal.
I thought it could be interesting to spend the first night in Hondarribia after reading this article in the nytimes

Has anyone been? Is it worth it? The plan as it stands now is...

Day 1 - Lunch at Alameda, Pintxos for dinner (both in Hondarribia
)Day 2 - Lunch at Exeberri Dinner Pintxos in San Sebastian (have a full list of stop offs)
Day 3 - lunch at Bodegon Alejandro dinner at Cider House (we did this off season and loved it)

Thoughts on the itinerary and Hondarribia in general?

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  1. The NYT article not found.
    Hondarribia (Fuenterrabía in Spanish) is a beautiful village just on the border. IMO is worth.
    For pintxos in San Sebastian this link is the Bible:

    Yes, we are on cider season until late April/early May. The mecca for the 'sagardotegiak' or cider houses is Astigarraga.

    More info:

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    1. I will be going to Bar Gran Sol in Hondaribbia. They've won a whole bunch of awards for their pintxos and also operate Sugarri in the Rio Bidasoa Hotel. More of a tasting menu there, I've read.

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        Hondaribbia is a lovely spot. Have a drink on the patio of the Parador an old castle where the view is very pretty. Bar Gran Sol is very good.

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          Eskerrik asko, Bazook! Have you been to Sugarri?

      2. Can't speak to your restaurant choices, but the parador in Hondarribia is a lovely place to stay, and an easy drive to San Sebastian. Our one dinner in the village [after discovering Martin Beraseguia [sp.] closed] wasn't memorable.