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What are the best dishes at Bamboo Fire Grill?

I know there are some people on here who have eaten at bamboo more than once.
Thursday night I am planning on going for the first time and will be driving from far away. So what plates are not to be missed?

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  1. I vote for the goat curry.

    1. Curry/Jerk Meatballs
      Tostones with Garlic Sauce
      Grilled Eggplant Dip
      Okra Fried Rice
      Grilled or Cracked Conch
      Curry Goat

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        I second CFByrne choices these are proper choices.....It is a good cross flavor of the menu... always ask if they have any off menu dishes....not always but worth asking:)

      2. that duck gumbo is amazing, plantains, lentil soup, meatballs, curried or jerk anything, okra fried rice, rum cake with extra rum, guava cheesecake, tostones, eggplant, puris or chapatis, all of it, everything. Go hungry, elastic waist pants or let your belt out 2 holes as you leave.

        1. The curried foods are excellent. Curry goat was a favorite. The curry chicken was good too. We had the curry meatballs and the tostones (not curried) for appetizers. My husband had the jerk chicken and he enjoyed it, but he would have liked it spicier -- he did request spicy. The sweet plantains and the mac and cheese were nice. If you want a non alcoholic beverage try the special lemonade -- There is a cherry flavor to it.

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            Re: Lemonade. Actually, I think it's a light almond flavor.

          2. Just three words - Curry Grouper Cheeks!

            Karen and I went for dinner Friday night and they had grouper cheeks on the Specials board (who knew they had a Specials board?) along with frogs legs, and some other items. I asked if I could have them in a curry and the results were outstanding along with the okra fried rice and the callaloo. Karen had the grilled conch in a butter and caper sauce that's one of her favorites.

            1. When ever I am in Delray they never seem open. What are the days and hours they are open please.

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                Wed/Thurs: 6-10 PM
                Fri: 6-11:30 PM
                Sat: Noon - 11:30 PM


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                  Thank you so much for the times. I will be in Delray on Wednesday and can not wait to go. Just down the street is a small place called Christines. She used to own the Gleson street cafe. We stumbled upon her one day. Great for breakfast or lunch

              2. As a starter, their ceviche is the best I have had anywhere. I know the tostones and meatballs get high praise, but don't pass up the ceviche (plenty for 2 people). And the lemonade.....oh man that is great stuff!

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                  My hubby's and I will be in Delray by the end of the week. We will try the tostonesand meatballs. Thanks for the suggestion. Try Christines for breakfast. She is down the street. Great French toast

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                    correction......I meant the conch ceviche/salad is what I had that was the best ever. And the lemonade.