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Feb 1, 2011 01:19 PM

Big changes in Hoof Land

All the details are here:

But to summarize

Cafe to close, last service Feb 28

In it's place will be a new resto, Black hoof & Company

18 seats, reservations taken, tasting menus only, Thursday to Saturday only

Colin Tooke will take over as chef of the Hoof

Something like this was inevitable and it's in many ways preferable to what I was actually expecting, which was a complete shutdown of both places and a reboot in a new space.

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  1. so early a change to the Top 10 List!

    1. not sure how to feel about this....

      from brunch, the Hoof Cafe is excellent.

      for evening snacks, its pretty good.

      for alcoholic bevvies, its excellent.

      I just hope the new venture doesn't jump the shark. i wish them luck and, assuming the price point isn't ridiculous, i'll hopefully be one of the first to try things out!

      1. I'm excited for this to happen, for sure...

        Any word on when BHCO will open? The article doesn't seem to give an indication, vague or otherwise...

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        1. re: Chipp

          Beggining of the 3rd paragraph "In April"

          1. re: bytepusher

            Thanks - clearly I was skimming too fast when reading this news!!!

        2. They're becoming respectable. Good for them! I despised the disaster that was the Hoof - waiting for your table for 90 minutes is oh-so-ten-years-ago.

          1. I'm sad, the Cafe is my favourite place. I liked how I could just pop in and make a meal of snacks, plus it was a good spot for post-dinner drinks and dessert too. Wonder if Black Hoof's menu might add in some of the snacks? It'll be interesting to see how the tasting menus turn out though.