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Feb 1, 2011 01:18 PM

ISO Delicious Chinese Dumplings (YYC)

I've recently moved to Calgary from Montreal and am in dire need of dumplings - in Montreal I frequenct "Qing Hua" where they make delicious soup dumplings. Apparently there is some debate over what type of dumplings they actually are (see this thread):

Does anyone know where I can find delicious dumplings (maybe called Jiaozi?) in Calgary? They don't have to be the soup ones, but if they are that would be even better!

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  1. I scanned that very long thread looking for pictures and if I found the right ones you are looking for jao tze. The best are made at home but the second best I have found are sold frozen at Fortune Foods, a small place at 2404 Centre St N.

    Xio Long Bao are a different matter. Many people like the ones at Peking Garden restaurant in Varsity. I don't find them all that flavorful. The best ones I've had, and I certainly haven't done an exhaustive study in Calgary, were at the Home Food Inn lunch buffet. It's on MacLeod Tr. I think they vary a lot in freshness so your mileage may differ. I just got back from a trip to Shanghai so I do know what they SHOULD be like and I haven't found anything similar in Calgary.

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      I was thinking Forbidden City so I googled it and this came up.

      Forbidden City
      999 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 7X6, CA

    2. Agreed with Sharonanne - you seem to be looking for jiao tze (or gao ji if you're cantonese) and not xiao long bao (XLB). I like gao ji best homemade and haven't been able to find any in Calgary esp with soup inside, used to love these from Vancouver when I lived there. However a colleague raves about the frozen pot stickers from a place on centre street. I know pot stickers are slightly different than what you're looking for. If you're looking for the jiao tze I'm thinking of they're usually smaller with different filling. Perhaps he's referring to Fortune Foods.

      If you ever go to Edmonton - Shanghai Grill has the best XLB I've had yet in Alberta - actually has soup inside and thin wrappers. The best XLB I've had is in Vancouver - Lin's or Wang's.

      1. I can't report on dumplings except to add that MBA Noodle House in Chinatown has XLB, if that makes a difference.

        I do want to welcome you to Calgary- we have a Chinese population roughly four times that of Montreal's (per capita) and there are many, many Chinese treats here for you to discover. Of note is my favourite Chinese resto in Canada, Hans, (well "Han's" but that doesn't make the map pop up) and more dim sum than you can shake a stick at.

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          You can find pork and veggie dumplings (frozen) at Chuen Ming, next to Banh Mi Thi Thi across from the Harry Hayes building downtown.

          If you order 500+, you can ask that they don't add any MSG. We prefer those, and often make the drive down from Edmonton to buy dumplings. :)

          Han's was excellent prior to the cook's illness, his family took over and it's almost as good.

          Good luck!

        2. Thanks for all of the suggestions (keep them coming!) I look forward to trying all of them and will report back regarding my hunt.