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Feb 1, 2011 01:06 PM

Do you still order food delivery when it's snowy/icy? [moved from Manhattan]

Random question, but just curious if any CHers feel slightly guilty about dragging food delivery guys out in the crap weather we've had lately. Do you? If so, do you make any reparations, i.e., a bigger tip? Anyone know of any restaurants that DON'T deliver when the weather's bad, or is it just too lucrative to cut off deliveries completely?

Just a curious thought, after nearly busting my butt on ice about a thousand times today.

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  1. This is NYC where the weather never stops us from getting our food delivered.
    What is worse?...100° in the summer or 19” of snow in the winter?
    My 2 fav neighborhood eateries are just across the avenue so I never feel guilty.
    I always tip accordingly.

    1. If it's snowy, icy, or absurdly cold outside, I usually restrict my orders to restaurants within one or two blocks from my apartment, and double my usual tip.

      If a restaurant isn't grayed out on Seamless Web, then I'll assume it will deliver even when the weather's bad.

      1. If the weather's truly awful (too snowy/icy for a bicycle), I'll order from somewhere that's walking distance. And yes, a larger tip is always in order.

        1. No. I live in a sparsely restaurant-ed area, and anyone who delivers to me has to travel a fair distance. I would feel guilty for making the delivery guy suffer.

          1. I doubt there are any restaurants that would not deliver in bad weather, as it would be a significant loss of business. More important, by not ordering in, you would be depriving the delivery people of tips which I think are a major part of their income, so I don't think you would be doing them a favor. A bigger tip would certainly be a nice gesture for their extra trouble.