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Feb 1, 2011 12:43 PM


Heading to Cantabria, northern Spain for a week. Any good restaurants there?

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  1. Cañadío is a good tapas restaurant at Calle Gomez Oreña 15, downtown Santander.

    Casa Lita, another good tapas at Paseo de Pereda 37, downtown Santander.

    El Diluvio. Basque pintxos (tapas) at Calle General Mola 14. There are a wide display of tapas on the counter of this tiny bar.

    Hotel Restaurante del Oso, excellent for foodies: cocido lebaniego (typical local chickpea & meat stew) OR chuleton (large beef steak). Scenic area on the road from Fuente Dé to Potes.

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      Hell, you can fest on the views alone in the Potes area. Dont forget the Orujo