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Feb 1, 2011 10:55 AM

Asian market(s) in Baltimore?

This is going to sound kind of ridiculous, and in any event I'll probably wind up picking up more than this specific item, but since being bitten by the bug when dating a Chinese American a while back, I've been craving Asian pears, which apparently aren't sold anywhere aside from Asian supermarkets ...

So my question is: Where in Baltimore does one find a good Asian grocery that sells this heavenly fruit? I'm hoping for somewhere within city limits — also preferably a location where my car won't get broken into during the five minutes I'm inside the place. But I'm flexible on those prerequisites; it might actually be worth some broken auto-glass to get my hands on a few of these sweet crispy treats.

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  1. Just outside of Baltimore on Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville is H-Mart, they sell them. You might wanna call Whole Foods in Mt. Washington, they may carry them.

    800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

    1. I have seen them at Eddies on Charles Street, probably also at Whole Foods.

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      1. re: lawhound

        Well, I know the Whole Foods at Harbor East doesn't have them, but I'll call the Mt. Washington location. As for Eddie's — really??? I used to live up by there and would've figured that was the least likely place for them.

        In any event, thanks!

      2. However, during the late summer/fall months, many local orchards grow Asian pears and sell them at farmer's markets. We got them in our CSA basket this past fall.

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          Pong's Orchard in Fulton sells them at farmers markets. But I go with "hon" that the H Mart is the place to go now.

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            Reid's Orchard, which sells at the JFX farmers' market, always has Asian pears.

          2. Costco has good ones at better prices than H-mart does when I checked last week, and you might be out at Costco anyway, so...