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Italian Rice Balls- Arancini

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I am looking to get about 20 italian rice balls for a party in westchester (I live in Larchmont). Can anyone recommend a place that I can get them from (local restaurant or deli). I heard that Trader Joe sells them, but reviews said that they are not that good.
Also I am looking to get some Chinese food catered- any ideas on locations in Westchester?

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  1. lum yen in mamaaroneck has the best chinese in westchester period.

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      What is so good about Lum Yen question mark. I've never been, but their menu looks like way overpriced neighborhood take-out...

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          Based on their menu I would not try it, which is why I asked you what is so good about it--you wrote a statement that it is the best in Westchester period...as is customary in posting such a statement on chowhound, please follow up with specifically why it is so good. Thank you.

    2. The arancini from Arrosto in Port Chester are amazing!!!! We usually get multiple orders when we eat there! I would imagine they'd be happy to do a take out order for you.

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        I would have to agree... Arrosto's arancini are very good.. I make them myself and I really liked theirs!

      2. Dante's Deli on Central Ave has really good rice balls also on Central Ave further south in Yonkers A & S Pork Store has really good rice balls both are large and filled with meat.

        Pork Store
        359 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

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          Gbeats! thank you so much! I will call them to find out if they can do a large order for me!

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            I second the A&S Pork Store in Yonkers

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              Dante's is fabulous. The prepared food is superb, and the butcher counter is outstanding too.

            2. Try the Mona Lisa Deli on 22 in Scarsdale/Eastchester. Their food is amazing and the cook- she is an angel.

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              1. Pane e Gelato in Eastchester has great Arancini - they also have authentic italian Gelato! But, I must add, the best Arancini I ever had was on a ferry boat from Villa San Giovanni in Calabria on my way to Messina Italy!!! Pane e Gelato was very close!!!!!
                Chinese: I love Foo Chow's in Tuckahoe.

                1. Thank you all so much! I decided to go with Dante's Deli in WP and no Chinese food, since every place I called to get a large tray, either didn't do it, or charges too much money. I guess I have to learn how to make my own General Tso's chicken :). I also got a good recommendation for a bakery where I am getting the bday cake (cannoli filling!!!!) at Sal & Dom's in the Bronx! Thank you to all again!

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                    you went to white plains for Arancini and the bronx for cake? Seems like it should have been the other way around.

                  2. I had awesome rice balls from Blue Moon Pizza on Arthur Ave and 187th (bronx). Not lower westchester but close enough. They don't have them everyday but you can call and ask. They are a great variation with just the right amount of ground meat, peas, and cheese. They are warm and hearty. I have taken them to go and reheated them easily. Nice crispy exterior.

                    Blue Moon Cafe
                    55 Main St, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

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                      I think you meant Full Moon Pizzeria on the corner of Arthur Ave. & 187th St., in The Bronx.

                    2. Just wanted to comment that Dante's Deli in WP is amazing!!! their riceballs are out of this world!!! They are $4 each but huge, i cut each one in half and with 10 was able to feed 20 people! I also ordered stuffed mashrooms- amazing!!! Great job by Dante's team!

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                        I had this post on my mind all week and was psyched when my husband said he was going to pick up lunch from Dante's. Of course, I had him get a rice ball, a stuffed mushroom, and several small portions of their daily specials.

                        Though the flavor was deliciously savory and redolent of Romano, the rice in the rice ball was seriously undercooked. The whole thing, meat filling as well, was dry as a bone. So sad.

                        However, the stuffed mushroom was huge and amazing, filled with juicy and well-seasoned homemade sausage and breadcrumbs. The lasagna was done in the "thousand-layer" style and had a brightly-flavored sauce. It had a nice amount of ricotta and ground beef. The chicken and sausage dish with swiss chard was sauced similarly to a scarpariello. The chicken breast chunks were moist and generously cut.

                        I was surprised and happy to find that they had roasted brussels sprouts available. Personally, I would have preferred if they'd have spent a few more minutes in the oven, but they were fresh, flavorful, and gorgeous with bits of sauteed garlic throughout.

                        I'm still annoyed about the rice ball, though.