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Feb 1, 2011 09:22 AM

1st date suggestions for someone from NYC?

Any suggestions for quiet, intimate places? Something in the middle to upper price range.

Please bear in mind that I am coming in from NYC and live to eat! :)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are so many places, a little more info would be helpful. How would you answer that question about NYC? What places do you like there? Is there a part of the city you'd like to be in? A lot of Philly's great food restaurants are BYOB, would that work? Or do you want a place that serves alcohol?

    1. If you're looking for Center City (adjacent) and will take a BYOB, I'd say Bibou. If you don't want Bibou, maybe Fish or James.

      But, yeah, more description of where and what would help.

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      1. re: urbanfabric

        Apologies for the vagueness of my posting, I've only been to Philly once as a kid to see the Liberty Bell....

        I actually tried to book Bibou, but they are full for Friday night. Instead, I went with "Friday Saturday Sunday."


        1. re: ThereIsNoSubstitute

          If you live to eat, I don't know that Friday, Saturday, Sunday would be most people's choice for really great food.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            Agreed. If you are talking about this Friday, there's a lot of availability at better places, depending on time. I'd go for Bistrot La Minnette, James, or Tinto.

          2. re: ThereIsNoSubstitute

            OMG, Friday, Saturday, Sunday is a total has-been. People who like that restaurant like it because it was hot when they were young 30+ years ago. Don't go there!!

            James is fantastic -- the food, service, and atmosphere are hot NOW!! You will not be disappointed.

        2. I would try Tria. It's quiet and usually well lit. I;m refering to the Rittenhouse location. If you go a bit East, you may find Square 1682 in the Hotel Palomar appealing.

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          1. re: kariya66

            I think Friday Sat Sun is good choice for first date. It does have romantic atmosphere. Also, you don't want to go to overboard on the first date. Also, possible that date may not "live for food" so better to pick a middle of the road place.

            Or, if you want other suggestions, I recently enjoyed a great meal at Dandelion, a new british pub theme place near Rittenhouse Square. It is a converted townhouse (brownstone to a NYer) and when I was there the upstairs was quiet. It was a weeknight so I don't know if Friday would be different.

            1. re: rocknroll52

              I would stay away from Dandelion on a weekend right now. Its a "hot" new spot, and very hard to get into. I have eaten there and the food is good, but it is quite crowded, especially on weekends.

          2. I think you made a good choice. Try the mushroom soup.
            The atmosphere should be just what you want.

            Much as we love Bibou, it is bright and you are practically on top of the other tables.

            If you want something a little more upscale, go for James.
            We love Bistrot La Minette but it is very bistro, again not at all intimate.

            1. Let me agree with the other posts.
              I second James - very, very good food, and unlike many Philly storefront/row house restaurants it's intimate but not too loud and overcrowded.
              I think Fish is also excellent - good decor for a date and excellent food.
              Also up there is Pumpkin - small, but a lovely restaurant.
              Of all the Garces places, I actually think Chifa is the best for a date. It's the most physically comfortable, and while the food isn't as good as Amada and Tinto, it is nowhere near as loud as those two places.
              Tria is a good date place for drinks and small bites but not "wow" food.
              Bistrot La Minette is lovely, but, as was said, is a bright-lit bistro.
              Barbuzzo is jam-packed and crazy, but fun and the food is excellent.
              Food at Bibou is great, and the hosts are the people there are really and friendly, but it's not really a first-date place.

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              1. re: FattyFatMan

                I agree with the two recommendations for Fish but I believe Little Fish is more romantic and cozy.

                1. re: JanR

                  We ate at Chifa last night -- first time back after eating there soon after it opened, when we didn't like it at all (much much too salty) -- this time we loved it -- the food was absolutely great and I didn't detect any extra salt. We had a fabulous meal and I think the decor is very cosy and romantic.