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Feb 1, 2011 09:19 AM

Le Creuset Green Signature French oven on eBay

I found an auction for a Green Signature French oven by Le Creuset on eBay this morning.

I thought Signature was a Williams-Sonoma exclusive. They don't have green in their Signature line, though.

The color looks similar to Sur La Table's Le Creuset exclusive, Fennel.

Did one of the stores buy the other? Anyone know how this came to pass? I e-mailed LC. I'll post what I hear.

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  1. Did you compare the auction price with the price in the stores or online or at the Le Creuset website? I'm wary of the auction process.

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    1. re: ChiliDude

      The auction just opened this morning, and there are no bids, so it's currently at $19.99.

    2. That's not signature - unless they put an old knob on it. That's the old jade/cactus color from a few years ago that they cancelled to make kiwi/lemongrass.

      Also the ridges on the lid are too high and the handles on the sides are too small and don't look nearly odd and jug-eared enough to be signature.

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      1. re: ProfessorBear

        >>>>That's the old jade/cactus color from a few years ago that they cancelled to make kiwi/lemongrass.<<<<

        Was Jade ever a Williams-Sonoma exclusive, like Indigo?

        1. re: Jay F

          Not to my knowledge. W-S had a rather darker green - something along the line of hunter/British racing green. Here's a sample of it:

      2. Maybe, the best way to find is to email to the seller and ask how he/she got the piece, why the seller call it Siganture, and why selling.

        As prof. B said it is obvious it is not the current "Signature Line" of WS - even only by seeing the handles themselves, it is not.

        The seller might just happen to use the word "Signature" instead of "Exclusive" to try to describe how the color is rare. Or the color was "Signature or Exclusive" at other part of the world which we are not familiar with.

        if I would be serious to buy a used piece, i would ask those questions anyway to figure out how old the piece is and how well it is maintained.

        Good luck.