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Feb 1, 2011 09:03 AM

Where to buy Almonds?

Hey, I am looking for almonds, preferably RAW, and bulk.
Where can I buy and for not too expensive.
I looked online and US sources have some cheap, but VERY expensive shipping.
Could anyone possibly tell me a Canadian source or low shipping US source?

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  1. They're available all over the place in bulk ... is there a particular price point you're looking for? Or, when you say RAW, do you mean non pasteurized? - in which case you won't likely find them from a US supplier ...

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    1. re: CocoTO

      Hmm, well, I don't mind pasteurized, and what stores would have them?
      Im looking for a range of around 4-5$ per pound.

      1. re: idjlee96

        Just about any bulk food store would have them ... check out this link for some of the best in TO

        1. re: idjlee96

          As mentioned, they are available everywhere for the price point you are willing to spend. (well maybe not at McEwans)

          The Indian grocery stores, and various bulk stores carry them in raw form, and you may even find other grocery stores which have a "bulk" section.

      2. Costco's very hard to beat for price/quality/freshness.

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        1. I buy nuts including raw almonds at costco. Very good price and quality.

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