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Feb 1, 2011 08:13 AM

Shiitake mushroom recipes

Hi all,

I am looking for shiitake mushroom recipes that are more creative than the standard stir fry with soy sauce idea. I love them but have never actually cooked with them before, so I want to try a bunch of different things. Any ideas are well appreciated!

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  1. two options for you-
    - pizza topping- cut the mushrooms into slices and roast on a greased cookie sheet till brown. Use them as a topping for cheese pizza. Or just eat them plain
    - mushroom udon soup- saute a shallot and sliced mushrooms in a tiny bit of canola oil. Add in 1 carton mushroom broth, water, and udon noodles. Cook till the noodles are done and add in a splash of soy sauce and some miso.

    Shiitake mushrooms are also good in brown rice. I saute an onion, garlic, sliced or chunked mushrooms and then cook the rice from there.

    1. I was fortunate to find fresh shiitakes at the farmer's market this summer and made a great fresh corn and shiitake salad. It's a Ming Tsai recipe on the dreaded FN but it's really good.

      I used 1/4 cup of toasted sesame oil instead of the full cup of canola oil (looking to cut some fat) and it was really good. Obviously best made with fresh ingredients (to die for with just picked sweet corn) but all around good dish.

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        What's to dread about the Food Network?

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          I don't but sometimes folks get all "negative-y" about recipes there. I use FN to get ideas and have several favorite recipes (the warm salad being a summer fave).

      2. Try marinating them overnight and grilling on a grill pan. They really soak up the flavours of a marinade while remaining very shiitake-ish. Last time I did a soya sauce, sesame oil, mirin and lime marinade which was delicious.

        1. Someone already mentioned rice but they are wonderful in risotto.