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Five Guys in Culver City...when?

I have heard the Five Guys Burgers & Fries is coming to Culver City. Does anyone know when?

Five Guys Burgers
20700 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746

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  1. Do you know where in Culver City they are opening? Nothing on their web site.

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      Where did you hear that Five Guys is coming to Culver City?

    2. It will be at the Westfield Culver City [formerly the Fox Hills Mall]. There are signs up for it that it's coming, but I can't remember the date. I did see the signs about a month ago.

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        Ok, makes sense since the first Five Guys to open in the LA area, was at a mall, in Carson.

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            Yeah, and I was just there last week and things look pretty much the same... but food vendors at that mall have taken a bit to get opened...

        1. If you want a Five Guy's burger, come to the Valencia mall. Now opened! Don't eat burgers but, their fries were the bomb!

          1. Last week Careerbuilder.com posted a listing for managment jobs at the this Five Guys location. Hopefully that means soon!

            1. I have heard mid-May is the projected opening.

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                  Yay!!! I flipping love Five Guys! Grew up eating at the original location before it was a chain. One of the original Five Guys flipped our burgers. I was a little girl and thought he was dreamy. (Matt with blue eyes) So glad they are coming closer!!

              1. They say it'll be open by this weekend. I'd give them a few weeks to get their act together.

                This is at the Fox Hills Westfield Mall.

                There's another Five Guys opening on Figueroa near USC but there doesn't seem to be a date yet.

                1. According to Yelp.com, the Culver City location just had their grand opening this past Friday (4/29) at The Westfield Fox Hills Shopping Centre (formerly The Fox Hills Mall) 6000 Sepulveda Blvd #1301. 310-391-0603. Haven't been there yet, but when I do I'll let you know. There were some pretty good reviews posted.

                  Five Guys Burgers and Fries
                  11411 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703

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                    thanks i may just have to go there and check it out, i think they already had locations for the past couple yrs in santa clarita, and orange, and carson.

                  2. Do y'all go to Fox Hills mall to eat? parking seems like a pia just to eat fast food. I do live close by, but for that price I'd rather go to Island's

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                      Parking is usually pretty easy if you go to the back of the mall and park on the rooftop. We go to the Target in the mall and the lot adjacent to the mall entrance to Target is abundant.

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                        Where in the mall is the Five Guys? Food court ?

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                          According to the Fox Hills Mall map, unit 1301 located on the 1st floor, right inside the northwest entrance. BJ's is located at the northwest corner of the mall - Five Guys is just east of them.

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                            It is just a little ways down from the Macy's on the ground level. There is a direct entrance from the parking lot closest to the 90, as well as from inside the mall, with big signage outside so it is hard to miss. I was not a huge fan of the cajun fries (wanted them crisper--but still preferred them to INO's) but the burger was tasty and meaty (bigger than a Double-Double but not necessarily better), the toppings good, service prompt and friendly, and they offered free peanuts while you wait for the food.

                        2. re: bulavinaka

                          Yup! Enter through Green Valley and you'll be fine with plenty of parking.

                          Anyway, went yesterday for lunch and they seem to be doing a good business already! It had been a while since my last vist and based on my experience with to-go, I recommend eatting there. As noted, the bun is not good... it just crumbled up wadded up in foil and then through traveling. Also, they stuff their fries in a cup... So they steam instead of remaining crisp... GREAT flavor but I like my fries CRISP!


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                            good fries but you sure are right about those buns, they tast like something out a chain grocer. It's not bad, the meat is juicy, but at those prices I'd rather go to fat burger or Apple pan. Or make one at home.

                      2. New Five Guys opening at State College and Chapman in Fullerton. It is in the south-east corner shopping mall. No date given, but the building looks almost completed.

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