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Feb 1, 2011 06:59 AM

Why don't people post more pictures?

Food is a very visual thing for me. Especially when doing reviews... I know you can't always have your camera with you and some people think it's rude or weird to start taking pics of your food but you can do it for home stuff. Used to peruse a forum where people talked about what they were eating with a pic. It usually wasn't anything special but was kind of inspiring sometimes.

I'm also guilty of not posting pics.

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  1. Were you around several years ago when chowhound still used ancient text-based software? I think the culture of chowhound is wordy partly because of the old board software - it attracted and kept those of us who like the written word.
    I personally don't want to fool much with a camera getting pics that may not do the food justice. And I barely have time to upload pics of my kids let alone my bread. I also do a lot of my chowhounding at work where it is more discreet to stick to text.

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    1. re: julesrules

      I also do a lot of my chowhounding at work where it is more discreet to stick to text.
      yeah, multitasker from work, studio, car....but photos would def. be an issue.

    2. Why are you guilty of not posting photos? That might answer your question.

      I just started posting photos in the past year and it has significantly slowed down my posting ... no, seriously ... I have stuff I haven't posted from November because I need to work on the photos.

      In some ways taking photos changed the way I write. I'm little lazier about describing things because ... well, there's a photo.

      Some people might not post because they take bad photos. I take bad photos, but I figure, a bad photo is better than none. I had a seriously bad photo of one restaurant, but it was the only photo I had of the joint. When I wrote my report on Chowhound, I didn't use it, but I put it in my Flickr photostream for that place.

      Amazingly, it is a photo that is at the top of my hit list with one person flagging it as 'interesting'. Even the caption said "worse than usual photo". Maybe people think I'm being creative instead someone who takes lousy photos.

      Photos are like cooking to me. I just don't have patience to do a really good job.

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      1. re: rworange

        but I figure, a bad photo is better than none.
        i don't think this is always the case. bad food photography can be really unappetizing, and when i come here or to another food-focused site to discuss or read about good chow, the last thing i want to see is something that makes me lose my appetite.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Yeah, I know some people are really into photography and it has to be, um, picture perfect. I appreciate people who do that. However, not only here but on blogs and other websites, I always appreciate a photo no matter how bad because it gives me a better feel for the food. Most people aren't pro food writers either and that ineligant one liner can be better tip than a beautiful, prosy epic.

          Sometimes people get so into the photography that it overshadows whether the food is good or not.

          1. re: rworange

            i don't expect it to be picture-perfect. i do happen to have a real appreciation for great photography, but in cases like this i'm reading whatever it is out of appreciation for food, not photography. however, there have been some instances where i've read terrific review of a restaurant or recipe, but the accompanying photos of the food were so unappetizing that it just killed the appeal of the description. that's what i was getting at.

        2. re: rworange

          I like your photos!! It gives a context.
          Actually I don't have a digital camera or cell phone so I'm gadget poor in respect to taking photos.

          I think my question wasn't exactly why doesn't everyone post photos but more was does next to no one post photos. It almost feels like an unwritten rule.

          As far as "good" or "bad" photos go, that's a matter of opinion... professional food photography is very conservative where snap shots where you have no control over lighting... rushed etc.... remove a lot of the artifice thus making it feel of the moment as opposed to staged... a "poor man's" photo journalism.

        3. No that is not the real more & more Social sites are getting more exposure. That was a past that people were afraid of posting pictures but another thing that matter is safety . Some how its not a bad thing , because its not just about how people looks !

          1. I don't bother because the pictures are so small here.

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            1. It would be nice if the photos were more in line with what tumblr (and FB now, for that matter) has, where you don't have to navigate off the page to look at a photo properly, it just expands if you click on it.

              I sometimes post a photo if it is something like someone is looking for what a finished cake looks like, or a couple of little brag photos I have of things I'd made that I was proud of.

              I like only pictures of food though, for the most part. I find it annoying to go to a site like at times and wade through photos of people, their kids, their dogs, cats etc etc.