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Feb 1, 2011 06:18 AM

Beer for Breakfast .. ?

I have been dealing with some customers from Europe , Amersterdam etc... In thier mid to late 20s and for most part Americanized from business. Although, they all seem to want have a drink with breakfast , (also lunch and dinner). I really mean one drink, not to be confused with getting intoxicated.

Is this a culutre difference to have a beer for breakfast with eggs etc. They seem to be higly upset that local places will not accomodate them in the morning? ... Not the mention the places that will are usually business NOT approp.

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  1. Hefeweizen is considered a breakfast beer in Germany.

    Europeans know how to live. Our Puritanical views are quite silly by comparison.

    1. Agree with Josh. Whats that Doors song again...

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        Roadhouse Blues. :-)

        Probably the best sing-along line for a boozed-up crowd since Mustang Sally's "ride, Sally, ride".

      2. I've heard stories going back twenty years that bars in Amsterdam are packed in the morning before work. I don't know if I believe that though. What I have witnessed abroad as I'm sure many of us have is wine and beer being made available for lunch at the workplace. I can also say that as an engineer I have worked at machine shops in Germany where men smoked cigars and drank beer on the machine floor at the equipment while working. You would not see that at a machine shop in the United States.

        1. I judged beer at 8:30 AM last Saturday. Does that count?

          1. I lived in Munich for a year, and Freiburg im Breisgau for a year. Never saw anyone drinking beer at breakfast. Late morning in Munich, you might see someone chasing a weisswurst with a beer, but that's really lunch, not breakfast.