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Feb 1, 2011 06:12 AM

What are you baking these days? Part XIV/14 2/1/11 - the first anniversary edition! [old]

Believe it or not, we have been baking and sharing notes on these threads since 2/1/10. Wonder how many pounds of butter, flour, and sugar we've used in the past year?
Starting Year Two off with a bang...what ARE you baking these days?

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  1. I am going to try my hand at Polish poppy seed bread today. I couldn't find my husband's aunt's recipe, which is outstanding, so I am trying one I stumbled across on the internet. There's nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the oven on a snowy day! (Or any day really!)

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      It would be nice to have the link to the recipe - if it's good! Thanks.

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        I am here to report back on the poppy seed bread! While it was not exactly like my husband's aunt's bread, it was still quite good. It made two HUGE loaves/logs/rolls and half of the first one and a quarter of the second one is already gone (it's been out of the oven less than an hour). Instead of a poppy seed filling for the second one, I smeared the dough rectangle with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins. I can't wait to make french toast with it tomorrow!

    2. Let's see. So much snow in New England, hungry teen and hubbie = lots of baking. Over the past few weeks, I've baked oatmeal/cranberry/chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chip cookies with dried cherries, a pineapple upside down cake, 2 blueberry cakes, a chocolate chip bundt cake, and a chocolate cherry bundt cake. Next week, maybe a lemon blueberry bundt or an apple cake. Gotta keep up with demand!

      1. I was getting ready for Chinese NY, so i made some turnip cake- well, it doesn't really belong here (?) as the cake is steamed.

        anyway, i got lots of lemons and made a double batch of lemon curd last night with some those giant duck eggs my sis gave... i'm still thinking about what i should do with them. Tart? cake layers? lb cake? scones?? humm... i hope they set up correctly, because i winged it on the eggs...

        1. I make what I call healthy bread, I start with 3 cups 100 degree water, proof some yeast in it, and carry on with whole wheat, 10 grain cereal, honey, oatmeal, and of course some white flour, and any other stuff I can find that seems good.

          1. Tomorrow...Valentine cookies:) with my grandchildren. I think some simple sugar cookies, which we'll cut out in hearts, and some craisin shortbread hearts, which are I think a Martha Stewart recipe, and come out great. Those will be the little tiny hearts (like an inch) because they are Mommy's favorite and she is dieting:)