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Can't Miss Dishes at Distrito?

My wife and I are finally making it to Distrito and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for some can't miss dishes? We are thinking about doing the chef's tasting menu, but we are not committed, so please fill me in on your favorites at Distrito.

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  1. I like any of the ceviche, the calabazza soup, either the fish taco or if you are partial to tongue the lengua is very good.

    1. I just got this in an e-mail passed to me from a co-worker Super Bowl Sunday they're extending their "endless" tacos:
      (sounds like a great deal to me!)

      For $25 a person, here’s what you can expect:
      Carnitas (pulled pork, black beans and pineapple salsa)
      Lengua (tongue, cebolla criolla and salsa verde)
      Pollo (chicken ropa vieja, queso fresco, crema and radish)
      Camarones y Chorizo (shrimp and chorizo with refried beans, tomato and radish)

      Nachos Ignacio (with black beans, tomato, queso mixto, jalapeno, chile de arbol and radish)
      Nachos Encarnacion (with skirt steak, refried beans, queso mixto, chile de arbol, crema and cilantro)
      Chilango Chop Salad (baby arugula, watercress, green apples, cranberries, spiced pecans and honey-lime-yogurt dressing)
      Frijoles Refritos (refried beans)
      Arroz con Frijoles Negros (black beans and rice)
      Not sure if you want this to be your first experience here, though

      1. I went for UCity dining days but I think they have the same menu...I had their rendition of queso fundido with duck ... awesome!

        1. I highly recommend you go to Amada, Tinto or Village Whiskey. Distrito is really the least interesting of the Garces places.

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            But Distrito is excellent and more affordable.

          2. hamachi ceviche
            kobe tacos

            1. +1 on the lengua tacos. The chicken tacos, while sounding boring, are actually very good. The mushroom huarache is excellent as well.

              1. Distrito is my favorite of the Garces restaurants. I haven't had anything I dislike, but the things I especially like: crab guacamole, all the ceviches but especially hamachi, mushroom huarache, and the fish taco. I think the tasting menu is a good way to go the first time, because you get a good variety of the dishes and can taste a few more things than when eating a la carte.

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                  The Yellowtail tacos for sure. The nachos are great too (the meat ones - I forget the name). Carnitas tacos were delish as well (tho a little greasy).

                2. Just to echo some of the above recommendations, I went crazy for the fish tacos, hamachi ceviche, mushroom huarache and the mole poblano. Cared not at all for the bone marrow tacos, which don't seem to be on the menu any longer.