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Feb 1, 2011 04:23 AM

Martha Stewart Bakes-new show

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      That TYPE of show could be appealing to some, I think, but Martha? Talk about a condescending soul. I just cannot bring myself to watch her. In Canada we don't have the channel, anyway...

      1. re: chefathome

        I can respect that chefathome. I wouldn't expect every individual to enjoy every food professionals work. I don't find MS condescending; more of a take charge type A personality.

        1. re: HillJ

          Thanks! Although I cannot abide her personality everyone still has good points and I try to see those as well. I do respect her for what she has done but even if we did get the show in Canada it would be highly unlikely that I would watch regularly. Out of curiosity perhaps once or twice, though, because it is wise to give new things a chance.

        2. re: chefathome

          Oh Contraire my countryman. I watch it. You just gotta know where to find it. It's just to easy to bash Martha. She has a right to a place up there with some of the great pioneers. She doesn't do what she does so you'll be her pal. She brought a sense of just how good food can really be, and how much fun it can be to make, to the regular every day housewife. That's a good thing! You don't like her, don't watch her. Speaking as a grumbly old time chef. I like that she has educated my customers to expect better and to ask questions and to know what's good and what isn't. I hate having the old "yes it is medium ma'am" argument 10 times on a Saturday night because some cute little housewife doesn't know that what she really wants is well done. She's a snob from Connecticut but she's also a damn good cook and a great teacher and a billionaire. Truth be told it probably eats at the people that hate her that she got so rich doing something so easy to folks like us. I say Bake on Martha.

          1. re: Chef Wendy B

            I would be happy to give her another chance; really, I would. She so turned me off in the past but it sounds as though her show has changed a bit. I certainly wasn't bashing her; I did say that I do respect her. She is obviously a talented businesswoman. However, not everyone can like the same shows. We all have different interests and passions. My preference is for something you can actually learn from with a scientific slant. I teach cooking classes so am continually educating myself. I certainly would not expect everyone to share my glowing opinion of Heston Blumenthal, for example.

            Is her new show on Food Network Canada or what? Before this thread I had not even heard of it.

            1. re: chefathome

              You don't necessarily need to do that. I confess that though I admire her deeply, I'm not a huge fan. But she has lost some of that really arrogant edge she used to have. I think she has learned to laugh at herself occasionally. She is a bit OCDish, her staff will tell you that, but she seems to have learned to accept it as her thing. I don't think many people, male or female elevate Housework to the level she has but then as a woman, it's kind of a nice fantasy. She shows us that there are some people who do live that fantasy life we read in books. There's something comforting about imagining her changing her bed linens every day and having special dishes for Thanksgiving only. After all, she's a Jersey girl, not to the manor born. She lives a fantasy a lot of women have and she gives us a piece of it in her books and on her T.V, show. I suspect that secretly we even like to hear the negative stories and though we vilify her verbally I also suspect that somewhere inside, we smile. She does what we would love to but never dare to do. I love that everyone recalls Martha Stewart Entertaining as their first or one of their most influential books. She was sued for plagiarism for that book. And they won! She stole whole chunks of that book from other books. But then I think, she delivered the info in a much more acceptable way to the market interested in it. I don't think you even need to give her another chance, it's a free world after all. But I do say look past all the crap and see the woman.
              I have HD and every channel I can get. I'm picking it up on an HD channel high up on the dial. I found it by accident. I'll have to look to remember the channel but I'll get it and send it to you!

                1. re: Chef Wendy B

                  Hey Chef Wendy B ... I'd be interested in the channel too, here in Toronto

                  1. re: CocoTO

                    Forgive me, I have been up to my ears in Product Development(my profession. I keep forgetting to check to see what the channel is. Stay tuned. I'll try to remember to look tonight! Keep warm! Wendy

                    1. re: CocoTO

                      Public television WNED out of Buffalo, usually shows cooking shows on Saturdays. They used to show Everyday Food. Martha's company produced the show. Martha, was rarely on it. It had 3 or 4 recipes with a theme, ie chicken recipes. I thought it was one of the better shows. I liked the recipes, and I learned a lot of interesting things I hadn't heard before. WNED have been rotating different shows, from 11am to about 3pm. If I'm going out I will use the VCR (still old school) and tape the shows to watch at another time. One show that is still on is at 1:00 is American Test Kitchen. This is a really great cooking show, they find ways to make recipes just as tasty, but with less fat. They also tell you why you need to add certain ingredients and what they do. They taste test different brands of canned tomatoes, for example, and then rate how they and the other testers liked the taste of the products, as a segment in the show. They use USA products, but you can get some of them in Canada also. They also do a kitchen gadget section where they test out, different manufacturers products to find the the best skillet or garlic press. Both Everyday food and Am Test Kitchen have web sites that you can get current season recipes off of. They are websites that I get recipes off of regularly. Great choice for people with only regular cable.

                2. re: Chef Wendy B

                  I LOVE the woman! She's fantastic. Okay, so she's bitchy, but that is one of my favorite things about her! I love how creative she is, that she expects perfection and the interesting array of guests and topics on her show . Those are fabulous qualities.

            2. I like Martha Stewart! She doesn't Sandra Lee her way through things and her recipes are very reliable. I missed it last night because couldn't find the Hallmark Channel. Thanks for the link!

              I just read the episode listing and it's very exciting:
              1. Yellow Cake
              2. Pate Brisee
              3. Cheesecake
              4. Poundcake
              5. Puff Pastry
              6. Angel Food Cake
              7. Devil's Food Cake
              8.Pate a Choux
              9. Meringue
              10. Pate Sucree
              11. Yeast Dough
              12. Biscuit and Scones
              13. Muffin and Popovers

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              1. re: Eat.Choui

                I like MS a lot also. I don't have to live with her so I don't care how much attitude she has. Her idea for this show was to be an anti-food network show and actually teach people something. In the review I read, she graciously mentioned that the cake battle types of shows are all well and good, but that a show that actually taught the viewer something about baking was lacking from TV. I agree and I'm glad MS is the one to do it.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  I think it sounds very interesting, going to look for it. i didn't care for her as a personality either until I really looked at her books. Very instructive and clearly written.
                  PS here we go again but - why must ambition and drive always and ever = bitchiness in women? I very much doubt that most of the men who've made it to anything like her level are completely lovely, non-pushy, non-abrasive people (well, I expect Jacques P├ępin is an exception to this) and you don't hear people calling them pejorative can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

                  1. re: ttoommyy

                    I'm totally with you. Those "battle" shows bore me. I want to learn something, not watch all the cute hijincks in Buddy's back room. I want to know how to do that extraordinary piping or mold the incredible figures or pile up a 12 tier cake that won't fall over. I already know how to rig a bucket of water over a door and I've won plenty of food fights.

                    1. re: Chef Wendy B

                      I must of missed that Martha Stewart "how to" on water buckets over the door.
                      What season was that?

                2. If viewers are as tired as they report to be about food contest shows, campy entertainment shows with a few recipes thrown in the mix or endless repeats, then a new show about the basics of baking should be appealing. A step by step guide to cake batter, dessert recipe building and useful tips to help any home baker. MS knows how to teach, loves to teach and has the dollars/sponsors to offer a new program. I say, give it a shot.

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                  1. re: HillJ

                    I would definitey watch this - but it doesn't look like it's made into our local line up yet.

                    1. re: flourgirl

                      Correct, I've only caught the preview epi on MS site videos.
                      2/7 @ 10am on Hallmark for our area, flourgirl.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Oh good thanks, I'm going to DVR it

                  2. I wish I had that channel. It sounds good!

                    1. The few times I've watched Martha I thought she was very condescending with her guests. But if this is a straight-up cooking show without actors plugging their movies etc. it might be good. She does provide useful information.