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Feb 1, 2011 04:19 AM

Estragon reviews?

Hi guys,
Has anyone been here lately? I haven't heard anything about it recently, which makes me wonder how it is doing....
I bought a Groupon a few months ago and would love to still be able to use it. Anyway, just hoping for some folks to weigh in on recent visits/thoughts/experiences/suggestions on what to order? Thanks so much...

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  1. This is another South End place that I hit at least once a month and think is underrated. You might question the decision of opening another Spanish restaurant within a couple of blocks of Toro, but they're doing their own thing, and really well. I like the atmosphere, they make the most of a beer/wine/cordial license, and I was really happy to see Julio move back into the kitchen; he's doing a more traditional take than his opening chef.

    A Groupon is a good low-risk way to try it. They're like a lot of South End restaurants, busy Thursday to Saturday, slower on early weeknights. The sandwiches at Las Ventas next door (their Spanish gourmet grocery/deli) are fantastic, but that's a daytime thing (11a-6p).

    1. The pringa is amazing (bone marrow, beef shank and pork belly) and the crisy spicy garbanzos are beyond addictive. I also really liked the grilled chorizo (I'm a sucker for smokey flavors). It's been a while, so I don't remember everything in perfect detail, but I recall not being as impressed with the crispy pork belly or the lamb empanada.

      They won't accept the groupon during restaurant week, even if you sit at the bar and not order off the special menu. Not that I minded, since it gave me an excuse to go back. :-)

      1. We ate there a few weekends ago. Honestly I prefer Estragon over Toro, as the space is less cramped, and you can make a reservation! We only had room for 5 plates, 2 of them really stand out: the octopus (very plump and juicy) and the beef cheeks (melt in your mouth). We also had bread pudding for dessert. Although nothing Spanish about it, it was indulgent.

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

        1. I'm also a fan of Estragon - and equally of Las Ventas (the Las Ventas sandwich on toasted slices is one of the best sandwiches in town) - but my most recent and probably last visit included one very great disappointment:

          No longer are Lopez de Heredia wines on the menu.

          On my first trip, Estragon featured both the 1990 Tondonia blanco and 2000 Bosconia tinto. Without the Lopez, Estragon moves down at least a notch and below Taberno de Haro, which ensures I'll only be eating at the latter.

          I know this sounds awfully picky, but there is nothing in the world like Lopez de Heredia wines. Especially today when the number of old-school rioja makers has dropped to a scant handful.

          And so, it's Taberno de Haro from here-on-out. Not only does Taberno serve Lopez de Heredia wines, they get their own section on the wine list, titled "In a class by itself"

          1. My DC and myself love, love Estragon. Sahil, a server and bartender, could not be more honest and accommodating. The food is great and the closest renditions to Spain that we have come across. Julio, actually gave us recommendations of restaurants when we visited Spain. I would recommend trying pringa, coles de bruselas, Alcachofas Fritas, Gambas al Ajillo and Vieiras con Crema de Albariño y Azafrán. The house made desserts are great too. My favorite is the the goat cheese sorbet!!!!

            Crema Cafe
            27 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138