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Jan 31, 2011 07:51 PM

Looking for a giant balloon whisk

I make genoise cakes by hand, and using my undersized whisk to beat the eggs has been quite hard on my arms. I'm looking for those giant balloon whisks--the ones that Julia Child had, but sadly, they're so hard to find. Rose Levy Beranbaum recommends the Matfer whisk (available from JB Prince), but it's so expensive (~$40). I can't understand why a bunch of wires cost so much.

Where can I find a giant balloon whisk that's not absurdly expensive? I need a balloon whisk that's at least 6 inches in diameter at the balloon end. I'm from the Bay Area, and I've scoured so many restaurant supply stores with no luck.

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    Best Manufacturing makes all of its whisks in the United States of America. Best also makes a 14 inch one that is even larger than the one shown in the link.

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        It even goes to 16" and 18", and with shipping, each is below $25:

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          Yes, I've seen these whisks at the restaurant supply stores. When they give dimensions, say 14 inches, they are really referring to the length and not the diameter of the balloon. Really, I don't care how long the whisk is, I just want a very wide balloon. The only whisk I've found that fits that description is the Matfer $40 whisk from JB Prince, which is just absurdly expensive.

          You can clearly see in this photo that the balloon is wider than those in your usual whisks.

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            Speaking of "absurdly expensive", check out this "giant kitchen whisk" at Amazon:


        2. JB Prince has two options of ballon whisk. The Matfer one that has been mentioned in this post already and another more generic one They call it a piano whisk but it has a very large head and it cost around 13 bucks.

          There is a big difference in quality. The Matfer whisk has a superior steel in the whisk head that keeps it shape for a longer period of time. It also has a longer solid handle. It is really designed for the rigors of the profesinal kitchen.

          The other option is not quite as large a head, but should do the trick. The metal is not quite as sturdy and the handle is hollow. The hollow handle could be a problem further down the road. For some reason the hollow handle whisks all seem to eventually get water inside of them,
          and that water inevitably will leak into whatever it is you are whisking.

          I guess your decision has to be based on frequency of use. If you are using it fairly regularly I think it would make sense to buy the Matfer whisk. If you are a weekend warrior look at the 13 dollar option.

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            Best mfg whips, is a epoxy sealed handle. The cheap generic ones the wires are just pressed into the handle.

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              If only they could make the same size but with cheaper materials! The Matfer whisk definitely would come in handy. I make genoise by hand only (no countertop mixer either...another way too expensive item), and whisking for 10-20 minutes with an undersized whisk really breaks your arm!