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Cautionary TN: "Don't Shake the tree if the fruit ain't ripe"

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Two Jacky Truchout 2005's

Morey-St.-Denis Clos Sorbes - Brothers and sisters of the grape learn from this my oft repeated mistake. I tasted the wine before release and felt It would need ten years from the vintage to drink well. Why did I open it in 2011. No brain. It could have been any dull flavorless red liquid, but it was this particular 60 plus dollar 1er cru which could have been a contender.

Bourgogne - All of us sitting around drinking agreed on how great a basic pinot noir can be. Fresh cherry nose and light but solid cherry again on the palate with no bitter metallic after taste. Not a lot of startling complexity, just a fine time with a bottle. If this wasn't its best day it was close to it.

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