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Jan 31, 2011 03:53 PM

A Good Breakfast is hard to find! Need Dinner recs in SF Bay area too.

Will be in SF at the end April and looking to have at least one great Breakfast and a couple good solid dinners. Seafood a plus. Don't want to break the bank but willing to spend on good food. Staying at the Hyatt near the Wharf. Thanks Also looking for a good lunch or dinner in Chinatown

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  1. If you are willing to go out of the area you are staying, I really like Brenda's Soul Food for a weekday breakfast.

    If you are looking for a grab-and-go breakfast treat, I like Delise:

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      Canteen is good for breakfast, great for dinner. Resos imperative for latter and available for former (which is Sat and Sun only).

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        Keep in mind that Canteen only serves breakfast on weekends (and it is a brilliant breakfast at that!).

    2. For breakfast, try Dottie's True Blue Cafe- 522 Jones St. (between Geary St & O'Farrell St). Come early and be prepared for a worthwhile wait.

      Dottie's True Blue Cafe
      522 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102

      1. The closest great breakfast near where you are staying is Mama's on Washington Square. Follow the link for more info. A board Chinatown dinner favorite is R & G Lounge

        Mama's On Washington Square
        1701 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

        R & G Lounge
        631 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

        1. Boulette's Larder makes a very lovely (and expensive) breakfast. They are located in the Ferry Building and do not seat anyone on Saturdays (due to Farmer's Market traffic). M - F 8:00 to 10:30, Sunday Brunch 10:00 to 2:30. They serve Blue Bottle coffee and their menu changes daily according to what is available locally. Quality fresh ingredients and super skilled kitchen team.