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Jan 31, 2011 03:35 PM

looking for unibrou yyc

3 pistols beer in particular,good stuff but i cant seem to find it.anyone sell 3 pistols,maudite ect in calgary?

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  1. trois pistoles for the bilingual out there

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    1. re: howlin

      Really? It's available at any major liquor store. What area of the city do you live in?

      1. re: Leibowitz

        im out in strathmore ,ive never seen it here.

        1. re: howlin

          Ah, I see. You have a Crowfoot liquor store out there, though. If you ask them nicely, they will probably bring it in for you (although you may have to take a case of it - not much of a problem, right?). Same with any other liquor store (in fact, if you buy it regularly, they should be glad to stock it for you).

          Otherwise, any of the majors in Calgary, like Co-op, Crowfoot, Highlander, Willow Park, or Zyn, carry it. Also, many smaller independents like Inglewood Wine, Kensington Wine Market, J. Webb, or Bin 905 also stock it readily. Shouldn't be an issue finding it.

          Also, as an aside: good choice. Trois Pistoles (please don't call it "3 pistols," the name refers to the town which refers to three towers, not guns) is one of the best Canadian beers ever made. You have some taste, sir.

          1. re: Leibowitz

            By the way, try it with some good cheese. I recommend a blue Camembert or Monk's Head.

            1. re: Leibowitz

              I've bought Maudite at Crowfoot Liquor store but it is nowhere near Strathmore. Other side of the city.

              1. re: sharonanne

                Crowfoot is a chain with 13 or 14 locations, including one in Strathmore.

      2. Kensington Wine Market says they have Trois Pistoles - appears only if you search on Trois??
        Also Blanche de Chambly and La Fin de Monde -search on Unibroue.
        KWM's online inventory is usually pretty accurate but you should call to be sure.

        If you search on the Alberta Liquor Guide site, there are no listings for any Unibroue product.

        Maybe Alberta isn't bringing it in anymore.

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        1. re: cancowboy

          No, no. You can't rely on Connect Logistics for everything. only lists products distributed by Connect (and not restricted items).

          Connect controls the distribution of imported products and all spirits, coolers, and wine in Alberta. Domestic beer can be distributed by other vendors, such as BDL, which carries domestic Molson and Labatts products, or Big Rock.

          This is the case for Unibroue, which is owned and distributed by Sleemans (Sapporo, but still domestic). I assure you, it is readily available.

          1. re: Leibowitz

            Learn somthing every day. Thanks.


            Too bad though, it would be nice to have one online source. I guess that is one of the privatization offsets.