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Eating Well Magazine

Sharoneonta Jan 31, 2011 03:26 PM

So far, I've really enjoyed this magazine. It's like Cooking Light with lighter recipes and topical (although maybe old news to a lot of CH-ers) articles.

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  1. KatoK RE: Sharoneonta Feb 1, 2011 09:58 AM

    +1. I was a subscriber for years, then they had to stop publication and re-structure, but I like the format and I usually find something interesting to cook.

    1. h
      HillJ RE: Sharoneonta Feb 1, 2011 12:52 PM

      I have the new issue on my desk. I plan on making the Lemon Pudding Cakes on pg. 56 in the morning and the Eggplant & Chickpea Stew on page 65 on Sunday. Did you catch the Chili-Cocoa Graham Crackers on pg 70? They are delicious and really crispy. For cooks hesitant to try risotto for the first time the back page primer is well written.

      1. nofunlatte RE: Sharoneonta Feb 2, 2011 10:05 AM

        I used to love this magazine--I thought the recipes were more sophisticated than those in Cooking Light. Have subscribed a few times in the past (as KatoK mentions, they'd stopped publication and then in 2003 resumed). I got a gift subscription from my sister the other year. Then I resubscribed on my own. Well, they cashed my check and never sent the magazine. I emailed them TWICE and have never received a response. I know it's only 15 bucks, but I've soured on them now. Too bad--some of the food writing was quite good (esp. anything written by Peter Jaret).

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