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Jan 31, 2011 03:26 PM

Eating Well Magazine

So far, I've really enjoyed this magazine. It's like Cooking Light with lighter recipes and topical (although maybe old news to a lot of CH-ers) articles.

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  1. +1. I was a subscriber for years, then they had to stop publication and re-structure, but I like the format and I usually find something interesting to cook.

    1. I have the new issue on my desk. I plan on making the Lemon Pudding Cakes on pg. 56 in the morning and the Eggplant & Chickpea Stew on page 65 on Sunday. Did you catch the Chili-Cocoa Graham Crackers on pg 70? They are delicious and really crispy. For cooks hesitant to try risotto for the first time the back page primer is well written.

      1. I used to love this magazine--I thought the recipes were more sophisticated than those in Cooking Light. Have subscribed a few times in the past (as KatoK mentions, they'd stopped publication and then in 2003 resumed). I got a gift subscription from my sister the other year. Then I resubscribed on my own. Well, they cashed my check and never sent the magazine. I emailed them TWICE and have never received a response. I know it's only 15 bucks, but I've soured on them now. Too bad--some of the food writing was quite good (esp. anything written by Peter Jaret).