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Jan 31, 2011 01:21 PM

what should I serve with milk braised pork?

I'm having some friends over for dinner tonight and were making milk braised pork. I've never served this to guests before and usually we just eat it with bread and veggie on the side. But I'd like to serve it with something more "fancy" than just bread. Rice doesn't really seem like it would fit. Maybe polenta?

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  1. It is good with polenta but also very good with whipped roasted garlic potatoes with crispy shallots sprinkled on top for a bit of crunch. When I make milk-braised pork I puree the juices (including mushrooms, etc.) so it's more like a gravy so it goes well with the potatoes.

    Another idea would be hasselback potatoes - something a little different. Or a wild mushroom risotto.

    1. It is really good with mashed potatoes and sauce/drippings.

      1. Potatoes or any mix of root vegetables diced and oven-roasted in olive oil are a good match.

        1. Thanks all, great suggestions! I think I'll go with the mixed root veg oven-roasted, casue that's what I have on hand!