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Jan 31, 2011 12:33 PM

Romantic Atlanta


My boyfriend and I are getting away from to Atlanta from Asheville for a few nights mid Feb. We would love to get some suggestions for a romantic dinner. We hae heard good things about Chops, Canoe and Taka Sushi from friends but I want to hear straight from the Hounds :)

Price is not a huge object, we are staying downtown but will have a car and we have classic but somewhat adventerous taste. However, we are not looking for super nuevo everything (nothing overly snotty).

Thank you all so much!

Taka Sushi Cafe
385 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

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  1. those are good spots--not so romnatic to me--for Romantic id pick Aria--i also think McKendricks is very romantic,especially on the weeknd,where the usuall weekday crowds thin out

    1. I love Taka - great sushi - but I wouldn't call it romantic. Canoe is definately a romantic setting, right on the river. I'll second bobstripower's recommendation of Aria. Personally, I also think tapas is romantic because you get to share a bunch of tasty treats, so I'd recommend Pura Vida for sharing food and sangria. A word of caution - if you're going to be here for Valentine's day, you had better make reservations now or you may have a hard time finding something.

      Pura Vida
      656 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

      1. you got curiousty up so went on and heres a link to their site

        Nikolais is an oldie but goodie--roof top restaurants with nice views.Ive been to Le Peitie Maison any times and its very good spot--the owners are French, and the family also double as wait staff, so its preyy cool with the whole French accent--food is very authentic and reasonably priced--small spot, and pretty quiet.If you go try and get a banquet table for a little more comfort.If you go get their French salad and split it
        i also like La Grotta Ravinia,very Romantic and beautiufl surroundings---

        1. I think Babette's Cafe is very romantic. It's in a bungalow in Inman Park, and there's a fireplace. It's quiet, unpretentious, and the food is very good. An easy drive from downtown, and it's in a cute area. Get reservations, though, as it's small.

          1. Obviously your definition of romantic will influence your choice of restaurant. I like Bacchanalia,
            Aria, Capitol Grille, and Canoe. I usually make my choices for dining in Atlanta based on which hotel i decide to stay.