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Jan 31, 2011 12:21 PM

How do people serve themselves deviled eggs?

OK, this might be an odd question. I love deviled eggs and have deviled egg platters for presenting the eggs at the table. But is there any serving utensil designed for people to pick up the eggs? The obvious answers are just use your fingers, or provide a tablespoon or soup spoon. But my question is, is there such a thing that is designed and intended to be used for picking up deviled eggs off the platter?

We have tomato servers, asparagas servers, pickle forks, olive spoons, nut spoons, etc. Anything like that for the humble deviled egg?

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    1. re: sunshine842

      yep, or one round toothpick per egg half, inserted at a slight angle, pointy end towards thickest part of white of egg. If you do need to get all fancy, use frilly-ended toothpicks, or hunt google for gold plated picks. (kidding)

      1. re: OldDog

        of course you were kidding.

        picks are gilded, not plated.

      2. re: sunshine842

        I have seen a deviled egg serving spoon at a Christmas gathering this year. It was old, but could not discern the metal content - being eggs, it wouldn't lend itself to silver, so you think "stainless", but it was old enough that stainless probably wasn't available. At any rate, it looked like a normal serving spoon, but only had a small rim around the bowl and the borrom of the bowl was removed - so the spoon would slide under the egg and cradle it. Will see if I can find more info -

      3. I have never seen a specialized utensil, but I have seen people try to lift them with a spoon, only to have them slip away onto the table or floor. Since you're not touching other people's eggs, only the one you intend to eat yourself, I don't think it's unhygienic or tacky to use your fingers. I will be interested to see if there is a utensil for this.

        1. Deviled eggs are essentially a picnic food, so I don't think any serving utensils are necessary besides one's fingers. But I did see something that might work if you want to get fancy. It's a snail server by Vollrath. You can find it here:

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          1. re: Euonymous

            if those are true escargot tongs, they're spring loaded...which will squish your deviled eggs in a heartbeat.

            1. re: sunshine842

              I was going to say escargot tongs, with a bit of reserve allowing for the pressure.

              although I suppose asparagus tongs might work.

              but really fingers are best unless we're wallowing in our OCD.

          2. What about a Japanese-style soup spoon, as they have a bit of an edge, so as not to let the devlied eggs slip out so easily as a regular one? Good question, edwardspk. I do LOVE my "specialized" kitchen gadgets and servers!

            1. There really isn't a specialized serving utensil; I'm familiar with the whole panoply of silver servers from the height of the elaborate table era (1880s-1910s). The specialized serving platter for deviled eggs usually has depressions shallow enough and separated by enough space from each other that it's convenient for people to pick the eggs up with fingers.

              Now you've got me wondering how far back in time the dish goes in the U.S.