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Jan 31, 2011 12:18 PM

Orlando has a Korean barbecue taco truck!

For the last year, I've been reading articles about the gourmet food trucks proliferating in cities that are a lot hipper and more cosmopolitan than Orlando: New York, LA, Portland, Seattle, Austin, even Miami. LA in particular has several trucks that sell Korean barbecue tacos, a fusion that sounded "so crazy, it just might work." Well, I found one here today, and I can tell you that it works. My lunch was wonderful and cheap and well worth trying.

The yellow truck is parked in the parking lot of the Citgo gas station on East Colonial Drive and Primrose, next door to that newish McDonald's with the retro architecture and golden arches (between Maguire and Bumby). The banner reads "Korean BBQ Taco Box," and as soon as I saw it, I pulled over immediately. The two men and one woman said today was their first day of business, so I wished them the best of luck.

They have a large poster with photos of some of their dishes, as well as a small menu posted with some prices. (Some of the food in the photos wasn't listed on the menu, which was a little confusing.) They offer Teriyaki Boxes (chicken, vegetable, beef, or spicy pork for $6.99), Korean Sub Boxes (beef, chicken, or spicy pork for $5.99), and Korean Taco Boxes (beef, chicken, or spicy pork for $5.99).

I ordered the taco, and asked if I could get a combination of beef and spicy pork. I wondered if you might get two or three tacos with the box, but it turned out to be one large one, essentially half-beef and half-pork. I was starving, so I devoured it before inspecting it too closely, but it came with had grilled onions and peppers, probably some cabbage, and the flyer said there were also mushrooms (which I didn't notice, but that doesn't mean they weren't there). It was on a soft, lightly grilled flour tortilla that held up well, and all the flavors blended perfectly.

The $5.99 box was a great value due to all the extras. It came with two fried rolls (kind of like tempura-battered sushi rolls), two cream cheese dumplings (crispy like fried gyoza), two soft steamed rice balls with ground meat inside and dollops of a spicy mayo-like sauce on top, a tender, crispy chicken wing tossed in a spicy-yet-sweet sauce, and a small green salad with warm ginger dressing, in a second box to cut down on the mess.

As far as I know, they only accept cash. I left a $2 tip just because they were such nice people. They prepared everything quickly, and the chef handed me one of the fried rolls to sample while I waited. I really do wish them well in that busy location. I'd love to see more unique food trucks in Orlando, and I certainly hope Chowhounds and Colonial Drive drivers alike give the Korean BBQ Taco Box Truck a chance. On the edge of the ViMi district and all its Vietnamese restaurants (as well as other great places like Bikkuri), it's nice to have one more option that's new and exciting.

Oh, just in case, the phone number is 407.844.3990.

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    1. re: pdpredtide

      i think that was exactly what i was going to say!!!

    2. Man I was just at that McDonald's on Saturday (5 year old needed McNuggets - sue me they're easy and car-friendly) after dropping way too much at Total Wine across the street - that sounds like a great Chowdown - grab some cold microbrews at Total Wine and then everyone meet up at the taco truck

      Do you know if they plan to drive it around to different locations like they do in LA? Find it via Twitter etc?

      Also on this topic, what are some of the taco trucks on South OBT that are good? Anyone know of some in West Orlando? (just saw one parked at Kirkman and Vineland yesterday but it wasn't open)

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      1. re: YosemiteSam

        aw dangit. if you guys do a chowdown at this place I would be more than happy if you did it on a weekend, this sounds fantastic and I'd love to join (but I have to drive out from Tampa)

        1. re: YosemiteSam

          there used to be a taco truck (that we called the taco truck) that sat in the parking lot of the just brakes on 50, right at the turnpike. i haven't seen them in awhile, however. :(

        2. I think I need to try this. Do you happen to know if they have any set hours?

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          1. re: watch me eat

            I found it around 2 PM, but my best advice is to just call them. I should have asked if they would be moving around, but I was in such shock from finding them that I didn't think of it. They didn't mention anything about Facebook or Twitter or anything, and didn't have an e-mail address or URL on their flyer either.

            1. re: watch me eat

              They told me yesterday they're open 9am to 9pm. It's ideal drunk food, but for now it will have to be a post-happy hour stop ... no late-night hours yet.

            2. Awesome! Would they consider a once a week trip to Tampa? Tried the Korilla truck in NYC last month and it was great!

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              1. re: JB222

                YES. JB you are the man. I know just the place for them to hang out too, outside of Pour House. I know the owners and they would totally throw plenty of business their way.

                Similar to what Bill would say: "This is a dream, now let's make it happen".

              2. I trid this today based on your recommendation and my husband and I really enjoyed it. We shared a beef taco box for $5.99. I can't wait to go back to try some of their other items. Hopefully they are successful and if so start opening up the menu options a little more. For example, you can only order the large boxes. I hope in the future you can just order the taco's a la carte. I also would love if they sold the spicy chicken wing that comes in the boxes in a 10 piece. They were awesome!

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                1. re: melpadilla

                  As always, I'm glad I didn't steer you wrong!

                  Did you find out if they were going to stay in that location, by any chance? I'm totally fine with them there, as I work in the area.

                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                    hey Lou! Thank you again so much for your post/discovery! it was a awesome find. I asked the owner and they do plan on staying in that location at citgo. i got the spicy pork taco box and it was chockful of goodies $5.99. Their menu was a bit confusing though I hope they clean that up soon. Also I found out they are open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm .

                    i have a blog post with more details about my visit here with pictures:

                    1. re: pdpredtide

                      Do you know the planned hours of operation?

                      1. re: YosemiteSam

                        Hi Sam

                        The plan to be open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm lol ;)