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beer and kids in Prague & Germany

We'll be traveling this summer with my 6 year old. We're homebrewers and beer people, so definately planning to hit the pubs/bars/biergartens and breweries.

Are kids generally okay in these places? No way in hell? somewhere in between?


p.s. we're specifically thinking Prague, Bamberg, Cologne, and the flying out of Brussels. Probably be hitting the wineries too.

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  1. I was AMAZED when I went to Munich last season with my 18 month old and ate in many a biergarten next to many other screaming toddlers as well as children of all ages. There are tons of outdoor spaces there and many have full on children's playgrounds within. Heck, there were even a few places with supervised FREE daycare! It's the most kid friendly place I've ever been. I would think that the rest of Germany is the same, but hopefully someone who knows about those specific cities will weigh in.

    1. You should be fine, especially in beergardens. Pubs, bars, and breweries - kinda depends on how well behaved your 6 yr. old is.

      1. I can't answer this, but I just wanted to say this is the best title for a thread in 2011 so far! ;)

        1. absolutely no problem whatsoever -- beer gardens are very family-friendly...and fantastic places to hang out during the long summer evenings.

          1. As everyone else has said, you shouldn't have problems with kids in any of the places you're going.

            Also, don't miss the "smoked" beer in Bamberg. Most pubs serve it and it's definitely unique.

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            1. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing small children drinking beer with their parents last time I was at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. They had tiny little steins that matched their parents' giant steins.

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                tiny steins! that would be cute. Have to grab one.

                And yes, I'm familiar with rauchbier and can't wait to taste it fresh.

                thanks for all the replies.

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                  I'm pretty sure that what you saw would have been apfelschorle -- apple juice mixed with sparkling water.

                  The Germans are very pragmatic about young people drinking, but not little kids.

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                      It's pale yellow, fizzy with a little bit of foam on top....so it looks the same.

                      And it's what they brought ours when they were younger when we asked what the other kids were drinking.

                      You might not be, but I am.

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                        I am German, and apfelschorle is one of my favorite summer drinks. The foam subsides fairly immediately, so maybe it looked like flat beer (an unknown in Germany, but quite popular on this side of the Atlantic, unfortunately).

                        Without tasting it tho, how could you possibly be sure? I've seen enough little kids drink beer.

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                          the waiter made it abundantly clear that is was apfelschorle...and that he wouldn't serve beer to small children because he'd be fired.

                          This in response to "what are they drinking?" -- an open-ended question with no accusation whatsoever. In German, by the way.

                          When they brought out a mug for mine, it WAS apfelschorle and it DID look exactly like what all the other children were drinking.

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                            Gotcha. I didn't think kids were served beer by the waiters. It's the parents that are the culprit '-)

                2. When you arrive in Cologne you will find three top Kolsch pubs: Fruh am Dom, Sion, and Peters Brauhaus.

                  Children are ok in any, however, Peter's my favorite does not have a garden, nor as much seating as the other two, so it would be best to reserve a table, which can de done at their web site. As the name says Fruh is just across from the Dom and should have available space and Sion is only a couple of blocks away. All are worth a visit to get an idea of Kolsch.


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                    You also have the Gaffel brewery - it's the only one with a view of the Rhein river, and is a little more upscale, but still very family friendly.

                  2. Yes! Children are welcome at the outdoor pubs and beer gardens in Prague. Quite a few of them have full playgrounds for the kids. I'm always astounded by this as it would never be allowed in the States, lol.

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                      Lovely advice but this thread is a year old. I'd love to know how the trip turned out.

                      Incidentally there's a similar thread going now for Prague: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/832232

                    2. Rauch Bier is a third Brigade thing. Thankfully I never acquired the taste. I was in the other two brigades.

                      Please stop along the Main river and try Franken weins. It is not generally exported due to the shape of the bottles, and the fact that the locals consume it. I learned how to appreciate wines by starting with this dry, subtle, and highly variable wine.

                      And if you are driving from Prague to Bamberg, go through Cheb and follow the Warsaw Pact invasion route down the Putlach trench. Beautiful countryside with great trout and carp in the Gasthauses.