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Jan 31, 2011 11:41 AM

any experience with mini loaf pans??

Has anyone ever used those mini paper loaf pans you can find at Sur La Table etc? I wanted to do mini tea breads for a favor for a shower. I have a recipe that would make 2 regular size breads in loaf pans. Obviously I would need to decrease the time but wondering if anyone has done anything similar and if you have any thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, I have used the mini paper loaf pans several times, and they work well. Place the pans on a sheet pan to support them when you bake them, since they are a bit flexible. If your recipe makes two 8x4-inch loaves, the batter will probably fill four or five of the mini pans that are around 7x3, more if the recipe is for 9x5-inch pans (assuming you're filling the minis half to two-thirds full). They'll probably take around two-thirds to three-quarters the baking time, but start checking earlier to be sure you don't overbake.

    When giving for gifts, I either put the pan in a cellophane bag (bought from a cake supply place) and tie with a ribbon, or wrap in plastic wrap and gather a sheet of cellophane cut from a roll around it and tie with a ribbon.

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      this is SO helpful thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing with the cello bags and pretty ribbon.

    2. I use mini-loaf pans during the Christmas season to prepare small loaves of various breads and some small cakes as gifts. The only difference I've found is that you need to watch the baked goods closely because smaller loaf = shorter baking time and, unfortunately, there is no constant to rely upon because no two products bake at exactly the same rate.
      No problem though, just do it and keep a toothpick handy for that center poke test.
      Be careful too in the baking time for different mini-loaf pans. Individual mini-loaf pans tend to bake faster than those which are "ganged" as individual cavitities in one pan.