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Jan 31, 2011 10:57 AM

La Regalade Saint Honore with....3 children.

Hi Everybody!!
We are planing a trip to Paris with our children. They are 10, 9 and a 2 year old baby.
The older ones can behave quite reasonable in a restaurant. The little one can be a hit or miss but I'm sure we will be able to manage the situation quite well.
My question is this:
Do you think we can take our kids to La Regalade Saint Honore for a very early diner?
Do you have any other suggestions for some other Bistros to which we can take the whole family?
Obviously we could stick to the more traditionally family oriented restaurants like La Coupole, Leon de Bruxelles....Quick (kidding!), etc. and it would be OK with us, considering we are traveling with children but I don't want to pass on this opportunity.
What do you think? I really look forward to a positive feedback!!

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  1. There's no early dinner in Paris. An early dinner is 7.30pm, which is pretty late for a 2 year old, isn't it. Although, with the jetlag (assuming you're coming from the US), he'll probably be up at dinner time. I know my 2yo is just back from Vermont, and is wide awake right now, quarter to ten. Sigh.

    Jetlag notwithstanding, I wouldn't do it. Especially at La Régalade, SH or Jean Moulin, as they're not fast and you have to take a whole meal. It can be pretty long for (and with) three kids.

    I would favour lunchtime and, mostly, places where you can easily have one quick dish and head out. For instance, Chez l'Ami Jean is a better idea, and I know Stefan is happy to send a little something special for the kids. In fact, my eight year old always asks to go back. He has pasta and purée and saucisson while I take care of my cote de boeuf. And he usually doesn't mind the rice pudding afterwards. A place like Au Dernier Métro is also a good idea for the same reason.

    And yes, some MacDonalds or Quick have playground, which can make them good ideas, in the right circumstances. Definitely better ideas than Léon de Bruxelles.

    La Rotonde is cool too. And creperies.

    My advice to you would be to hire a babysitter for one or two special nights out. That's what we do (We have four, seven weeks to eleven going seventeen). It won't cost more than the two plus something extra menus.

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      Hi souphie. Thanks for your answer.
      Jetlag won't be an issue as our visit to Paris will be by the end of our second week in Europe. The time for dinner will be an issue, as you mentioned.
      l'Ami Jean sounds very good for lunch. I've never gone but have read rave reviews for quite a long time. I didn't know it is open for lunch.
      La Rotonde I've seen it MANY times but have never considered it until now. I already revised their menu and it looks quite nice, although I feel much more inclined towards l'Ami Jean.
      Quick and Macdo are out of the question. We have Macdos here and never go.
      Au Dernier Métro is new for me. I already Googled it and the prices are excellent. Is it as good as l'Ami Jean?
      Best Regards and Thank You VERY MUCH for your help.

      1. re: GreenB

        Au Dernier Métro is not in the same league as CAJ, but it serves all day, and is a lovely experience.

    2. Just a quick comment, as we were in Paris this weekend with our 20-month-old. As I posted elsewhere, lunches were no problem (though I never would have dared Chez l'Ami Jean, Souphie, but now will!). A couple of words of advice to facilitate the process:

      --Book for as early a lunch as possible (most places open 12-12:30) so that you can wrestle belongings and pram into a corner without disturbing other diners, who will mostly arrive later.

      --Logistically, we found that asking for a table at the end of a banquette, should the resto have one, gave the little one space to move about without bothering anyone else. And the back of the banquette makes a fine place to run a little car along. :o)

      Please do post when you come back from your trip -- I'll be curious to see how you got on, and where!