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Jan 31, 2011 10:55 AM

Kitchenaid or other brand mixer, downunder?

I am purchasing my first stand mixer, which I want for bread, pasta, baking etc...I am considering buying a Kitchenaid, but here in NZ, there are only 3 models available - the Artisan (300 watts) and the Heavy Duty/'Professional (both 325 watts, and, it seems to me identical, other than the fact that the 'Professional' comes with two bowls, and has 'thermal overload protection'). All three models retail at around the NZ$1000 mark. (Ouch).
My question is, given that there are only these 3 models to choose from (ie not the range of more powerful machines available in the US), would you recommend the Kitchenaid over, say, a Kenwood? It appears there are tons of models of Kenwood available, with engines up to 1000 watts.
Keen for your thoughts!

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  1. Go with the Kenwood, Kitchen Aid hasn't made a really good unit since Hobart sold them off. The new Kitchen Aids are only assembeled in the US, the motor and stuff comes from China now. Kenwood isn't available in the States any longer, but they make a good unit. For awhile the Kenwood was sold in the States under the DeLonghi name, we have one of these, it's a great mixer.

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      Is yours a De Longhi? I have a Kenwood-made General Slicing brand, about 15 yrs old, a family hand-me-down. Like it so far, though not crazy about the beater attachment--seems very fiddly. Am I holding my mouth wrong?

      1. re: toodie jane

        Ours is the DeLonghi, I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. I'm not the baker in the family, I bought it on specifications and reviews. We had been looking at a Viking, but there were so many bad reviews, I decided that wasn't the way to go. I know the first couple of time my wife used it, the beater was fiddly, obviously she quickly figured it out and has been extremely happy with my selection. Ours replaced an older Kitchen Aid that had a 4 qt bowl, the DSM7 has a 7 qt bowl. I'm guessing the beater attaches differently than the KA.

    2. If Bosch is available to you I would certainly take a look. Since it's only my wife and I we have the compact model, which is great because we can easily put it away when not using it. I have used it for recipes with up tp 7-8 cups of flour with no problems. I agree about Kitchenaid. They're ok but nothing special.

      1. Cuisinart also gets some good reviews. (Cooks Illustrated)

        1. I'm currently looking at the Kenwood Chef Major KM020 or the Chef Timer KM030 - the Chef Major has a larger capacity, but the Timer has a timer and fold function (the KM040, which combines the Timer/Fold functions with the larger capacity, has been discontinued). Still trying to decide...

          Either way, I had already discounted Kitchenaid, as their mixers, based on specifications, at least, don't seem to have the raw grunt necessary to knead thick doughs for pizzas, breads, etc.

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          1. re: sunrider

            KA also have been discredited as "not made as they used to" as in the 20 yr old machines are more reliable than the new ones!

          2. I have a Kenwood Chef Titanium and it's utterly fabulous. I considered a KA for all of about 5 seconds before plumping for the Chef. The Chef has a much greater dough capacity for starters - I batch bake bread so it's important for me. My mum and aunties all have Chefs that are older than me and still going strong - although my Chef is only a few years old, it shows every sign of being bulletproof. And, I don't know how it is in NZ, but here in the UK there are plenty of people offering repair services for Kenwood Chefs should they ever be needed.

            Honestly, the only good thing I could find about the KA is that it comes in some nice colours...

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            1. re: serah

              Having bought and used a Kenwood, I don't know why anyone would even consider the KitchenAid - it's much more powerful.

              I just wish they had a model with both the Fold function and the large capacity of the Major series...

              1. re: sunrider

                If I had the option of buying the Kenwood over my KitchenAid, I would have gone with the Kenwood in a heartbeat.