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Jan 31, 2011 10:51 AM

CSA Western MA/Hartford


We are Bostonions moving to West Hartford in May :(. We are curious if anyone has experience with a CSA in that area.

We could also do a p/u near Northampton.

In Boston we've done:
Stillman's (not enough selection but it was a bad year)
Brookfield (loved it)

Our favorite was a cooperative CSA on the North Shore, but can't remember the name of it. It was great b/c it included cheese, honey, fruit etc.

Also would love to hear your thoughts on Red Fire.....


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  1. Welcome to Western New England. You will find an amazing amount of fresh local produce available literally at the side of the road.
    We were members of Red Fire Farm CSA for a few years. (at the farm distribution in Granby) We were very pleased with the quantity, selection and quality we received. An important part of the share, which you don't get in the Boston or remote distributions, is the pick your own component. Sweet Peas, Strawberries, raspberries, fresh flowers, etc.
    Unfortunately a change in work schedules made it imposible to pick up on the Friday distribution day, or we would still have a share.
    We still stop by the farm stand.

    If you know of Brookfield Farm in the Boston Area, it is based in Amherst. I don't know about transfering shares from Boston to Local, but the Wait List for a Local share is 2 YEARS!

    1. Here's a list of CSAs, by county, from the CT Northeast Organic Farming Association.

      And here's a listing from -

      Sorry, I haven't done the CSA with any of these farms; but I've bought from George Hall Farm at markets, and they seem to have a nice selection. But a number of the farms have websites with details about their programs, so I hope it's some kind of helpful. Good luck, and welcome!

      1. We live in West Hartford and participated in Holcomb Farm's CSA last year, and have renewed for this season. Holcomb had a lot of variety plus pick-your-own. They offered pick-ups on 3 days of the week (PYO was any time) but we participated in a carpool so we only had to drive to the farm 3 times.

        There may be a few openings left. Otherwise you can put your name on the wait list. Good luck.

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          I have been at Holcomb for 6 years and highly reccommend it if there are spaces available. Holcomb is not certified organic, but uses organic practice. It is located in Granby, Ct. (as opposed to Red Fire Farm, which is in Granby, Ma.) They also have a farm store with many local and/or organic items. Holcomb has both half (one bag) or full (two bags) of produce. You choose from the available items, as well as additional PYO crops as mentioned above.

          Right down the street is The Garlic Farm, which is all organic and has amazing garlic. Their share program is a little different, It is based on pounds of produce that you choose from what they have,

          George S. Hall is in Simsbury, Ct. It is certified organic and I have heard good things about it. They are advertising that they have shares left.

          Rosedale Farms, on the Simsbury/Bloomfield line, is also advertising a limited number of shares left. They are not organic, but do a lot of local farm promotions, including farm to table dinners on the farm with local restaurants, including the Max group.

          Hope you find something great! JB

        2. Thank you everyone! Both for the advice, and for making us feel welcome.