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Jan 31, 2011 10:41 AM

Ice Cream Parlor for Party

I'm planning a first birthday party for my son, and I am expecting about 30 adults and 10 children, so we were planning on doing a make your own sundae party at an Ice Cream Parlor. Does anyone know of any places that are large enough for something like that or any experiences with a party like that of their own? We live in Hatboro, and we have family in Lower Bucks, so somewhere in the Central Bucks / Montco area would be the best, but I'd be willing to do something in the city or a little farther from home if it is a really good location.

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  1. Zwahlen's in Trooper/Audubon may be able to accommodate you.

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      The obvious choice is Franklin Fountain. Candy counter, soda fountain and great ice cream.

      The Franklin Fountain
      No. 116 Market Street.
      Phila. PA 19106

      Telephone: 215 627 1899
      Electronic Mail:

      Another possibility though the venu is small is the reopened Goudnoe's Dairy bar in Newtown.

      4 South Sycamore Street
      Newtown, PA 18940