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Jan 31, 2011 09:41 AM

Opinions of Del Frisco's

Thanks for taking time to offer up your opinions! Will be in Veags 02/23-02/26 and we will be doing a nice steak dinner one night while there. I've never been to Del Frisco's but have heard many good things about it. Was hoping some fellow ChowHounders could give me some inside perspective on this place. I've dined at many nice restraunts in Veags but never this one. Not concerned with the off the strip location, just looking for a memorable experience.

Any feedback?

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  1. I have not been to the Del Frisco's in Las Vegas but I have been to several others (including the original in Dallas) and the quality seems to be consistently high at each location and IMHO way better than other chains like Palm. Side dishes tend to be huge. But before you decide on Del Friscos, consider some of the other steakhouses in Vegas - bizarrely the steakhouse at Circus Circus is very popular with the Chowhound set.

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      If you are going to try other steakhouses in LV, you might consider Charlie Palmer's Cut of the Week Special. It has been referred to as the "Best Deal in Vegas" on this board more than once. This week's menu is below.

      Cut of the Week
      February 1st to February 6th, 2011

      Join us each night and discover our "CUT OF THE WEEK" prix fixe menu
      Each week Chef Steve Blandino hand selects a unique cut of beef
      paired with seasonal ingredients and presents it with

      "Bottomless Glass" Wine Pairings

      First Course


      Main Course


      Sides (served family style)



      $48.00 per person

    2. I ate there once a few years back. It was very mediocre. The waiters ask you to cut into the center of your steak to make sure it is cooked correctly. I hate that. The steak itself was average. not bad, but not great. They had some good half bottles of wine which as a solo diner I liked. I don't recall the sides, so must not have been great or awful. The cheesecake was one of the worst I've had at any price, tasted and had the texture of a freezer desert. There are plenty of excellent steak houses in Vegas that are much better.

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        what Vegas steakhouses do you like, for real good CHARBROILED, crusty flavored steaks ?!?
        Glad you mentioned your experience with Del Frisco's....
        I enjoyed it very much in NYC location about 5 years ago, but I get concerned that when each new location opens, something might get lost in translation ...

        I ate at CRAFTSTEAK at the MGM in Dec. (my friend had a comp) , and did not like the flavor or texture of their NY Steak.... too lean, and had a "perfume" taste, for lack of a better word....
        (I like a nice BEEFY taste)...JMO, of course !!!!!

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          If you like a heavy crust on your steak, I'd go to Smith and Wollensky's on the strip. They have the heaviest char I've had , even on rare steak. Service is great and steaks are always served as ordered. Straight ahead traditional kind of steak house. If you want a less traditional, more creative take, Id hit Carne y vino. Palmers is a great choice too especially the cut of the week.

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            tnx, rednyellow....yup, I do love heavy char, but perhaps I'll save the Smith and Wollensky visit for their NYC location, since I can get it right in my NJ/NY area...
            ...but keep the suggestions coming !

            1. re: ellen4441

              Here ya go:

              Already posted many times and repeatedly discussed ad nauseum.

              9. N9NE
              8. SW STEAKHOUSE
              7. NERO’S
              6. PRIME
              5. STRIPSTEAK
              4. DELMONICO
              3. CRAFTSTEAK
              2. CUT
              1. CARNEVINO

              Details can be found here:

              And this search query will list all the steak restaurants in the Weekly's database. Very handy if you want to match a hotel or a neighborhood to a steakhouse.


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          As Ellen said, I would love to know which other steakhouses you prefer in Vegas rednyellow. As far as steakhouses go I have dined at the Club Grill in the Wynn and was very happy with my experience there. However I like to try something new each time in Vegas. I honestly came across Del Frisco's on the tripadvisor website where it had some glowing reviews. However, the cut of the week special at Charlie Palmers does seem like a helluva of a deal! Even though I want an experience as much as value!

        3. Thanks for the suggestions!

          1. The one time I ate there I was so upset about a service issue that I didn't even notice my food...good or bad. We were a group that had reserved one of the small meeting rooms for, well, a meeting. It involved a serious discussion of academic issues. And I'm sure the hosts when they reserved a "private" meeting room had no idea that the restaurant would overbook and put us in the same "private" room as a bachelor party. Seriously! I felt so badly for the hosts and for the featured speaker, who happened to be a friend of mine who flew in for the occasion. I wasn't paying the bill, but I sure hope they received some consideration for what happened. When they told the host they had to move us to a "semi-private" meeting room they told him "don't worry, you'll be able to hear just fine." Uh, yeah, above the hoots and hollars of about 15 inebriated men celebrating the end of one's bachelorhood? I don't think so.....

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            1. re: janetofreno

              Very interesting indeed! Thanks for the insight.

              Anyone else have any other experiences to offer up?

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                Any anyone else have any Del Frisco's experiences that they would like to share?

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                  I've been to Del Friscos in Las Vegas several times. It used to be my favorite steakhouse in Vegas. Their house special Double Eagle steak is great. My problem with Del Friscos is that they do not allow you to bring your own wine. They have a wonderful wine list but prices are ridiculous.

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                    Thanks guys! Great insight, keep it coming!

                    1. re: skjax

                      Used to be? Now what is? Interesting in that I always like to see if I can bring my wine for obvious corkage charge. Del Frisco's was a solid no. And places like CUT said yes, but corkage is $50 a bottle. Circus Circus is very good and $20 a bottle. Carnevino was a solid no. Capital Grille was $20, but generally they waive it if you are nice. I am a huge fan of dry aging and from scattered reports I hear Gallaghers is pretty good in the NYNY. Charlie Palmer has their sick $48 all in meal, no need to ask there. Any other suggestions?

                      Capital Grille
                      3200 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 3300, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                      1. re: LVI

                        Have a few that I like in Vegas. Delmonicos is still one of my favorites. Enjoy Prime at the Bellagio (had JP Insignia by the glass last time I was there). Had a pretty good steak at B&B. A ribeye for two, off the charts.

                        3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

              2. Went to Del Frisco's a couple years ago and have not gone back since. The food is mediocre at best and the desserts I could make better at home. I did enjoy the crabcakes though, but that was it. The steaks really did not taste that great. And for the price, they need to learn to properly trim the steaks as my steak had many inedible pieces scattered throughout the steak. That was mainly my problem with Del Frisco's, the STEAK.

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                  Quick update on this thread, I dined at Del Frisco's on 02.25 and the dinner was everything I hoped it to be and more. We had a group of 5 and skipped the app's as we were there for steak and did not need to take an leftovers back to the hotel. For our group we had a Strip, which IMHO was the best steak of the night, along with a filet and the bone in Wagyu which was split between 2 of us. All top quality and cooked perfectly. The Wagyu was a little more fatty than expect which is why I give the Strip the best rating at the table. We also had 2 bottles of wine, 3 sides (Lobster Mac, Cream Corn and Chateu Potatos) and cocktails all around. Bill was just under $500.

                  Great meal, great service and great atmosohere. Next time we are in Vegas we will be back! If anyone wants any additional details please ask.

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                    Glad you liked it. I was starting to get a little paranoid being sniped at for saying Del Friscos was great.

                    1. re: kagemusha49

                      Don't worry, you two, you're far from alone :) I've eaten at Del Friscos three times, and each time was excellent.