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Jan 31, 2011 09:37 AM

Tampa/Clearwater for spring training

Going to Tampa and Clearwater to catch the opening of spring training for the Yankees and Phillies. we're not at all familiar with either area and would love suggestions for dinner. We care about the food, not the atmosphere. One of our party has severe food allergies and can't have fish (or eggs, peas, and nuts). Suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Should add we're driving from Stuart to Tampa/Clearwater and back. Any places to stop for lunch or dinner along the way?

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      sounds like the only stipulation is that one person in your party is going to be ordering steak or chicken. There are many threads on here about fun restaurants to go to. my 5 faves are in a thread from a day or so ago called "5 favorite places in tampa" or something of the sort. please, search around, you'll find a ton of info.

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        About halfway, in Lake Wales, on Highway 60 is a place called Crazy Fish. It is really excellent, but it is primarily a seafood restaurant. There really isn't anything else I know of along hwy 60 that I would recommend. They have steaks, a burger, and chicken

      2. We live at Sailfish Point and I drive to Tampa frequently. If you go the back way, through Okeechobee and Arcadia via SR 70, which is the most direct route your prospects are bleak. There's a Chili's in Arcadia and that's it. Eat in Stuart before you go. The area in Tampa up West Shore from GS Field to the mall has tons of good places. There's a Season's 52, a Ruth's Chris, Shula's, and many more. There's also great Cuban/Spanish on Columbus Drive, specifically, La Teresita.

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          In Clearwater, near the Phillies park and not too far from the Yankees park is a little place called Pico Rojo. You order at the counter, pay and they bring the food to your table. The only thing on the menu is chicken and vegetables-the chicken-charcol rotisserie- is moist and delicious and the vegetables are fresh, simple and wonderful. It was so good we had to go back.