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Jan 31, 2011 08:39 AM

Looking to try somewhere new in STL for V-day...

As the title say, I am looking to try somewhere new with my foodie gf. We have been to most good places in St. Louis and just looking for some more options. We have not been to Franco, Araka, or Acero. I would rather keep my money in the city but am open to county suggestions. Not really looking for a steak house or somewhere super fancy. Looking for interesting cuisine and drinks. Thanks in advance.

131 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, MO 63105

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  1. Valentine's Day is one of the worst days ever to dine out in restaurants as menus are dumbed down, prices are often increased and staff overworked. You'd be wise to wait a week or two and then go out to dinner. You'd likely get a much better product regardless of what restaurant you select.

    That being said, I definitely recommend Franco and Acero. I'd also check out Five, Terrene, The Crossing, and I Fratellini. These are worth checking out, but a a notch below Stl's best (Niche, Monarch, Farmhaus, Sidney St).

    I Fratellini
    7624 Wydown Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63105

    3257 Ivanhoe Ave, St Louis, MO 63139

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      It's not new, but I am an Atlas fan. It's quiet, a pretty space in a great area, and reasonably priced. I have been there since the original folks sold it and it's as good as ever. Not impressed with Sidney St., esp. at their price point.

    2. Michaelstl is absolutely right abt Vday. Wretched day to eat out. But if you insist, you mstmustmust have reservations. I like Bistro by Niche in the CWE, very French and thus, to me, very romantic. Also, a little place that's family owned, with good traditional Italian food and not often on folks' radar is JF Sanfilippo's downtown. Yes, it looks like a hotel restaurant, but it's just using the hotel as a landlord, and it's a family with a decades-long tradition of feeding guests.

      J F Sanfilippo's Restaurant
      705 N Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102

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      1. re: lemons you mean Brasserie by Niche? Because I went there for the very first time last Sunday for brunch and I do believe I could eat every meal there

        Brasserie by Niche
        4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

        1. re: tonifi

          Yes, of course I did, and thank you for the correction. And I absolutely agree.

        1. re: nosh

          We went to entre:underground. It was fabulous but very very pricey. They do dinners at different locations once a month. It was really fun and unique. 5 courses paired with wine. I highly recommend it.

          1. re: CDollarsign

            We did that 2 years ago for Valentine's day. It was a relatively new concept then. It was great but like you said very pricey even when compared with other better restaurants. It was a lot of fun and we had a great table and met wonderful people.

            1. re: wekick

              Yes, underground is wonderful, and maybe a little pricey by StL standards...but the one I went to was family-style, as good as any dining out I have had here, and met great people.