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Jan 31, 2011 08:32 AM

What do I do with this Cactus Pear (prickly pear)?

So I picked up a couple cactus pears at my grocery store because, well, why not. They were there and I had never eaten them. But my local grocer had no idea what to do with it, how to prepare it, or even what it tastes like (sweet? sour?). So, can someone please tell me how to prepare it (I assume I peel it - what's the best way to do that?) and anything else about this? Thanks!

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  1. I bought some a couple of years ago at the public market, and I ended up peeling it and sticking it in fruit smoothies - granted, probably not the BEST use of what's, essentially, and exotic fruit (at least here in upstate NY) but it sure made them pretty (and a little seedy). :) I'd be interested, too, to see what people who know what they're doing do with it.

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      it's going to taste a bit like a slimy cucumber. Fairly mild taste, really. Peel it. slice it up into small pieces and add it to a salsa or quick pickle it.

    2. Make a salad dressing.

      Puree the cactus pear, combine with some EVOO, salt, sugar and rice wine vinegar.

      More ideas here: