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Jan 31, 2011 07:36 AM

Keeping pot roast in the fridge- need tips...

Hey guys. I make a pot roast every once in a while and it can last for a week or more making leftovers. The only problem I have is how to properly store it in the fridge- by the end, it's usually tough, "crumbly", and has lost most of the flavor.

All I do now is wrap the oven pan in foil each time I put it back in the fridge.

There's got to be a better way...


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  1. Your main problem is your storage simply is not air tight. Transferring to a food storage container is best. Using a quality plastic wrap is also preferable, and cheaper, than using foil.

    In conjunction with a food storage container, I would suggest once cooled, slice your pot roast and add the liquid or sauce from prepared meal. This should conquer any of the concerns or problems you have experienced.

    1. Are you reheating the whole batch each time or are you taking out what's needed for the day?

      Dry, crumbly texture is probably due to overcooking or exposure to air in the fridge. If you're not doing so currently, I suggest you take out what you need during the week.

      Also, as mentioned above, I've had good results by storing in ziploc or "serving size" containers.
      Another thought I prefer cling film over foil when storing in the fridge. Cling film seems to form a better airtight seal over the oven pan.

      1. I always remove from the pan and wrap tightly in aluminum foil. And as dave_c asked, are you reheating the whole thing? That's not a good thing. There's also nothing wrong with freezing meal sized portions which will thaw quickly, esp. if in plastic bag which can be put in warm water. When I grind beef and make patties, I wrap each one really snugly in plastic wrap and then into a zipping bag. They stay perfect. Just a few thoughts.

        1. Ok, I suspected I might need a rubbermaid type airtight container- that's definitely what I'll do! To answer the question, I don't reheat the whole thing each time- just the individual portion. That'd probably produce a lump of coal by week's end! :)

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            Definitely slice (one it's cooled) and store in a rubbermaid container in the liquid of the roast. If your liquid is tomato-based, give the container a spray with Pam so that it doesn't stain.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              I think a container is slightly better than leaving in the pan but you still have air. That's why I wrap tightly in foil or plastic wrap.

          2. Air tight helps as suggested above. I also add the cooking liquid to the part I'm saving for leftovers. Then, reheat it in the liquid.