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Jan 31, 2011 06:53 AM

Knife Sharpening in Boston?

Hi All,

Is there a place in Boston proper where I can get a knife sharpened? Older threads mention Kitchen Arts and Stoddards--but both are now closed.


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  1. Recently, City Feed and Supply in JP has been hosting monthly knife sharpening nights. A woman named Patti, who has her own business called "On the Edge Knife Sharpening" comes in and sharpens while you wait. I took a few knives in just before Thanksgiving and I was pleased (still am) with the results. The CF website mentions her here:

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    1. re: powella

      You can find her business here and also a link to her schedule:


      She does and excellent job.

    2. kitchenwares on newbury street does knife sharpening.

      1. Stoddard's is now in Nonantum in Newton and does a great job. I usually sharpen my own, but had a (very tricky) serrated bread knife that they hones in 10 min while I walked around the block.

        Stoddard's Cutlery
        360 Watertown Street
        Newton, MA 02458
        (617) 244-4187

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          I think they charged $8 for a tricky serrated blade.

        2. Siraco sharpening service, drop off/pick up at Tags in Porter Square Somerville. Best quality at a reasonable price. Could take up to 5 days to get your knives back.

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            I used to love this service when they had a storefront in Somerville, since the dropoff / pickup setup replaced it, the results have been mixed at best. The price is right (4 knives @$19 total), but most recently our chef's knife seemed way overground (we lost too much of it) and the Santoku hollow edge was simply done wrong and basically ruined - it now has a curved edge much like the chef's knife when it should be almost straight - we mentioned it and discussed it by phone, but while they are really nice and well-meaning at Siraco, they don't seem to get that they ruined at $100+ knife that we will now have to replace - it's a different shape than it needs to be. We will be finding a new place for our sharpening needs - or learning to do it at home - going forward.

          2. Formaggio in Cambridge has a guest knife sharpening person in some weekend days. I think the next one is Sunday, Feb 6.