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Knife Sharpening in Boston?

Hi All,

Is there a place in Boston proper where I can get a knife sharpened? Older threads mention Kitchen Arts and Stoddards--but both are now closed.


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  1. Recently, City Feed and Supply in JP has been hosting monthly knife sharpening nights. A woman named Patti, who has her own business called "On the Edge Knife Sharpening" comes in and sharpens while you wait. I took a few knives in just before Thanksgiving and I was pleased (still am) with the results. The CF website mentions her here: http://cityfeedandsupply.com/

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      You can find her business here and also a link to her schedule:


      She does and excellent job.

    2. kitchenwares on newbury street does knife sharpening.


      1. Stoddard's is now in Nonantum in Newton and does a great job. I usually sharpen my own, but had a (very tricky) serrated bread knife that they hones in 10 min while I walked around the block.

        Stoddard's Cutlery
        360 Watertown Street
        Newton, MA 02458
        (617) 244-4187

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          I think they charged $8 for a tricky serrated blade.

        2. Siraco sharpening service, drop off/pick up at Tags in Porter Square Somerville. Best quality at a reasonable price. Could take up to 5 days to get your knives back.

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            I used to love this service when they had a storefront in Somerville, since the dropoff / pickup setup replaced it, the results have been mixed at best. The price is right (4 knives @$19 total), but most recently our chef's knife seemed way overground (we lost too much of it) and the Santoku hollow edge was simply done wrong and basically ruined - it now has a curved edge much like the chef's knife when it should be almost straight - we mentioned it and discussed it by phone, but while they are really nice and well-meaning at Siraco, they don't seem to get that they ruined at $100+ knife that we will now have to replace - it's a different shape than it needs to be. We will be finding a new place for our sharpening needs - or learning to do it at home - going forward.

          2. Formaggio in Cambridge has a guest knife sharpening person in some weekend days. I think the next one is Sunday, Feb 6.

            1. Not to sound like a broken record (though I often do) it is disgustingly easy to sharpen your own knives and takes less that 3 minutes per knife.

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                Agreed on easy, but it takes me closer to 10 minutes per knife (probably because I put it off and end up sharpening only once a quarter). But great results and no reason to send out knives make it absolutely worth the time.

              2. Stoddards is one of the few (if not the only) places in the US where the knives are hand ground. I won't let anyone else mess with my Wusthof's (vintage blades). Imho, they have no competition in the quality category.

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                  AND they are reasonably priced. I could not believe he hand sharpened a serrated knife. Way cool.

                  Seriously though it is SO easy to do.

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