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Jan 31, 2011 06:47 AM

What food items can be dipped in gravy?

I was thinking about having a gravy fountain at my Super Bowl party this year. I was shocked when I took to the web and found zero ideas of what to dip in gravy.

Besides the food below, what have you tried or would suggest?

Fries, mashed potatoes, pierogi, turkey.

Super Bowl
218 S East St, Crown Point, IN 46307

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  1. Are you serious? I couldn't tell.

    I never heard of a gravy fountain and the idea of recirculating greasy gravy kind of turned my stomach so I googled it and found that it was a kind of a joke.

    If you're really doing this, do let us know how it goes.

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    1. re: chicgail

      haha, serious about serving gravy, not serious about serving it in a fountain. i figured people have done with before but i can't find anything.

    2. what cant u dip in gravy?

      but seriously ..i never heard of a gravy fountain....
      i think a better way would be one of those 3 hole hot pots...
      with brown gravy...white gravy and maybe jelly/ketchup bbq sauce..
      then have meatballs..cocktail weenies...sausages...brats..kielbasa...
      anything u would pour gravy over.....

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      1. re: srsone

        We inherited one of those chocolate fountain devices and I have long considered using it for gravy or butter.

        1. re: srsone

          I agreed.. .I was going to answer "everything". The classic NJ diner order is cheese fries with gravy. I like my gravy on the side, so you get a plate of cheese fries and dip in the gravy. This needs to be made with american cheese or mozzarella (if you want to class it up).

          Besides that, you can do sandwiches (brisket, roast beef, turkey, etc.) cut into bite size pieces. Meatballs, potato pancakes or mashed potato cakes, lamb chops, etc. Basically, everything besides dessert and seafood.

            1. re: junglekitte

              Fries already listed in OP.

              Shell-shaped pasta cooked al dente.

            2. Any & just about everything...fried chicken wings, cheesesticks, any kind of kabobs , chicken fried steak or chicken fingers, mini biscuits (or sausage biscuits) or even sausage fritters (unsweetened donut style fritters), small roasted red potatoes, onion rings, grilled mushrooms, blanched & seasoned cauliflower florets, mini steak/veggie/turkey, etc grilled finger sandwiches, etc. Of course the obvious french fries or tater tots

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              1. re: Cherylptw

                I'm with Cheryl on this. The only thing you can't dip in gravy, is more gravy. How about using fondu pots for different gravies?

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  I'm liking that idea...chicken gravy, mushroom gravy, sausage gravy.....