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Jan 31, 2011 06:43 AM

Snowbird heading to Orlando Area

I'll be leaving the cold, snowy, northeast in about 3 weeks for a 7 week stay in the Orlando area. I will have a car. I'm looking for recommendations for good local places (not the usual tourist traps) for B/L/D. I'm good with any type of food. Would like to find a reliable local breakfast place where I can sit and read my paper while enjoying good food. I'm open to lots of variety for lunch and dinner. I'd also like to find a great burger/beer joint and a really good pizza place. I'm willing to drive about 30-45 minutes - I'll be staying in the SeaWorld area. I also plan a couple of day trips to Clearwater to catch some Phillies spring training games and would appreciate recommendations for that area as well..

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  1. Here are a few good threads to start with - they are very comprehensive but hopefully will provide you a list to explore further - note that some of the places on them have recently closed so call first

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      Looks like a lot of info there. I'll be doing some reading and lining up some spots in the next couple of weeks. Thanks, Sam!

    2. Here's an online version of a local paper. They have some decent descriptions/reviews of some local places. Check out the food section. GOOD LUCK!