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Jan 31, 2011 06:09 AM

K & M Merit: Indian, Pakistani, and Tibetan in Jackson Heights

I was taken here by a group of young Pakistanis who are helping me on a photo project. Its directly in front of the stairs from the 7 train on 74th, across from the larger Delhi Heights.

There are two counters to order from; in the front is generic Indian and Pakistani food, the back is Tibetan. Given my guests, we all skipped the Tibetan, although I have to say the plates that came out from that kitchen looked better and more interesting (I have never really liked Tibetan food so I will leave it to others to try)

I was hoping for something better, since it was so crowded and was talked up to me by the kids, but I have to say the food was pretty disappointing. Another in the long line of Jackson Heights places that just seem to serve average glop. If someone is interested in Tibetan, I would give this place a try as they seem to have completely separate operations (the Tibetan food was served on much nicer plates with proper silverware and such)

One of these days I might find good Indian food in Jackson heights. Poor spicy minas, I miss you

Here is my man behind the counter

And if your in Jackson heights you have to check out the Sari stores

Location is
37-67 74th Street, NY 11372-6344

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  1. yeah, the tibetan is pretty good there (not the best though). And many times I go in there and EVERYONE has food from the tibetan, especially late at night. That indian food, though, has never made me hunger at all, there's better places around.

    If you have never liked it before, try Thentuck from Shangri-la around the corner on 37th Road. You might become a convert.

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      I have actually eaten at Thentuck; it was good for what it was, but was not really blown away by it.
      Sitting in there on lazy afternoon I did spend some time talking to the owners; he brought to my attention how many Nepalese and Tibetans have recently come to Queens. I just wish I liked the food more....

      1. re: driggs

        Yeah Driggs, the Tibetan at K&M is solid. Only been once, but I've wanted to go back (not in Queens as often as I'd like though). Had a plate of spicy tripe and a bunch of momos. Dug the orangish red sauce for the momo's, really flavorful.

    2. whats the best cheap indian in jackson heights? love the food at deccan kabab but the guy is too stingy with portions

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      1. re: AubWah

        I like Kababish and the place next to ambala on 37th and 72nd.

        7064 Broadway, Queens, NY 11372

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          it's all cheap compared to manhattan. kababish is good, on the spicier side but there are a few items i don't like that i dont know the name of but just tried because it was out. i like kebab king diner for kebabs. my favorite dish though is the chicken makhani at Delhi Heights, just sublime with a garlic nan or onion kulcha.

          Delhi Heights
          37-66 74th St, Queens, NY 11372