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Jan 31, 2011 06:04 AM

Greek/Toga Party

We're planning a toga party for this Saturday night. I'm interested to hear your opinions on what to serve- the inspiration for this party was a bottle of Ouzo given to me on my 40th birthday, so that one part is covered- and will likely make for a great party! Of course, there is the obvious- greek salad, roasted fish, baklava, etc... but I'm looking for something I can realistically do at home. Maybe moussaka? Recipes, music suggestions, movie recommendations- all form of ideas are welcome! I'm also hoping that I can find plain white sheets for our toga costumes- rather than floral patterns, etc. Thanks for your recommendations!

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  1. dolmades should be doable at home for sure, i don't have a preferred recipe but google should have plenty to choose from :)

    as for movies, i'm sure Animal House is already on your list :P

    1. Spanakopitas sound de rigeur for an appetizer, are easy to make, freeze well and can be baked just prior to serving. Anything with lamb is very Greek, it's even vegetarian (remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding scene with Andrea Martin?) Marinate a leg of lamb in yogurt and mint, grill or broil it, would make great main course.

      Where are you located? A good Greek bakery wil have all kinds of yummy cookies for inspiration instead of the usual bakalava. Not sure of all the correct names, but the little disks with powdered sugar, the rolls filled with nuts, etc. are all very Greek.

      Movies - My Big Fat Greek Wedding (you can hand out bottles of Windex as party favors), Zorba the Greek, My Life in Ruins, Troy, Mama Mia, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,, Alexander

      1. Marinated feta and olives are a sure bet. Recipes abound on the internet. My favourite includes lemon zest and fresh herbs.

        1. You can make a lot of little Greek appetizer salads - tzatziki, tarama, melitzano, fava, skordali√°... some grilled flat bread and you're ready to dip away. Dolmades are a PITA to make (it's like rolling 2 lbs. worth of doobs), but delish, of course.

          Saganaki - baked feta in tomato sauce.

          Second the spanakopita (or tiropita) suggestion - with store-bought phyllo it's not nearly as labor-intensive.

          Greek yogurt with toasted walnuts & honey for dessert.

          1. I have many recipes that I have posted- look up and you will find. If not, I will repost. I suggest that you serve tsatsiki with crusty bread -very easy to make. Also, dolmathes made with ground lamb and with egg lemon sauce. Moussaka is wonderful but very time consuming if made right. Pastitsio is great too but also time consuming. I say tsatsiki, feta and olives, taramasalata (store bought), dolmades with egg lemon sauce and a greek salad. Spinakopita if you have the time. Let me know if you need recipes.