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Jan 30, 2011 09:51 PM

Wedding venue


My fiance and I are looking for a venue I want a outdoor ceremony, maybe by the water, oh sorry it's for June 2012.
I want somewhere with great food affordable, 180 -200 ppl plus a good area for dancing.
Please does anyone know anywhere???????????
I wanted a somewhere maybe away from the city like resort somewhere in Ontario but my fiance wont agree. He keeps saying that people won't show up.
we live in Richmond Hill
please help me

Thank you

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  1. Check out The Royal Ambassador in Caledon. They have 2 separate outdoor gazebos by the water and it really is a nice setting. I honestly can't speak to how amazing the food is, but I do know they allow outside catering and it seems like the type of venue you might be looking for. Being able to bring in outside catering opens up your options for great food. Here is a blog post on a wedding I worked at there. It was in the outdoor tent but I think the main venue space may be more what your looking for depending on your taste and budget. It is a lot nicer than your average woodbridge banquet hall.

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      Thank you mlukan

      It looks great I love tent weddings, I'm going to look into the cost , we don't want to spend alot>

      Thank you